Feng Shui is the art of improving your life by changing the environment.  According to practioners of feng shui, changing your environment will help bring harmony to your life, help with relationships, and increase prosperity.  Many westerners tend to dismiss anything that comes from the East, but the principles of feng shui have been practiced for thousands of years, and helped many people.

In this article, we will look at feng shui Colors, and to be specific, feng shui colors for your house.  A house needs painted, inside and out, periodically, so this is an aspect that you can incorporate without much trouble.  Choices in some of the areas of your house are also determined by what element you feel is the most important in your life and you want to emphasize.

Feng Shui Colors – For House Outside

According to feng shui guidelines, the best color to paint the outside of your house is determined by the direction the house faces at the rear of the house, which is called the sitting direction.  Each directions is aligned with one or more of the five elements of feng shui.  The five elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal. 


Fire, Wood

Red, Green


Wood, Water

Green, Blue


Wood, Water

Green, Blue


Earth, Fire

Earth Tones, Red


Water, Metal

White, Grays


Metal. Earth

White, Grays, Earth Tones


Metal, Earth

White, Grays, Earth Tones


Earth, Fire

Earth Tones, Reds

For any of these colors, you can use almost any shade of it.  You do not need to use a bright blue, if you want to use blue.  Use a softer shade for the exterior of your house, and use a bolder color on the front door. 

Feng Shui Colors – For House Entrances

For the front door, you can pick a color that matches the house, such as a different shade of the same color or white.  However, the front entrance can also be used to boost your chi, or energy, and to make a statement about you. 

A door painted bright red can boost the energy in your home.  It is also thought to confer power, luck, and protection and red is the color or royalty. 

Painting the door green is a choice that many make, with green standing for life, money, and health.

Black is the color for water, and by extension, money.  If the door is in the center of the house, painting it black can help your career.

Feng Shui Colors – Living Room

Use multiple colors and multiple shades.  The various people you will interact with in this room will fit in no matter what.  Earth tones provide centering and grounding.  Yellow, gold and shades of brown are especially good.  For adding joy, lives, and growth, try using green and blue.

Feng Shui Colors – Kitchen

White is good for the kitchen, because it lets the food in the kitchen be the star.  Accents can be used, leaning towards red and black.  However, avoid using too much black as that may damper the energy the stove provides.

Feng Shui Colors – Master Bedroom

Pink is the color of love, so this is always a good choice.  Peach heightens attractiveness to others, but is good only while dating.  After marriage, it may encourage wandering, so repaint.  You can also use light blue or light green.

Feng Shui Colors – Children’s Bedroom

Take the personality of the child into account, especially when they grow older.  In general though, green and blue is the best, as these help the child to grow and flourish.  White is also good for children, and dark colors can help an unruly child to calm down.

Feng Shui Colors – Bathroom

The bathroom paint colors are pretty simple.  Paint the bathroom black or white, for a clean simple look, but spruce it up with brighter colored accents. 

These guidelines can be helpful in picking colors for your house and living areas.  You also can consider the personal elements of the people living in the house.  Pick a basic color, and accent with those colors that enhance the person’s own energy.  Feng shui colors for house use follow ideas that have been used centuries.