Auspicious Animals Used In Feng Shui

Dragon is a symbol of authority. The Chinese like to use this symbol to symbolize authority and power. Dragon pictures, statues or figurines should be placed in the east of your home. Do make sure that the dragon is not facing toward the door or window.

Tiger is another symbol for power and bravery. But it can also be a power of destruction and violence. According to feng shui, you should not display a hungry fierce tiger (with its mouth wide open and ready to attack) at your home because it is considered inauspicious and you may not live peacefully in your home. Tiger statues, figurines or pictures should be placed in the west of your home. The Chinese like to use it to cast away evil spirits.

Phoenix is a symbol of renewal. Being the most famous bird in feng shui phoenix is often paired with dragon to symbolize marital happiness. In feng shui, phoenix is associated with fire and its direction is the south. Therefore placing phoenix images or statues in this area is a good idea to enhance your popularity or fame.

Horse symbolizes freedom. This animal has been a favorite symbol for people who would like to travel. A horse painting or sculpture can be placed near your executive desk to reinforce your image as a powerful or dynamic man. In feng shui. there is also a special technique in placing a horse to aid an application for visa or emigration.

Elephant has long been a symbol of strength, wisdom, power, dignity and longevity. In many parts of Asia, it is considered as a sacred creature. In feng shui entrance hall, elephant (or a pair of elephants) is used for protection and is usually placed at the front door or in the entrance of your home.

Turtles symbolize longevity and constancy. Turtle can be placed in the rooms of the elderly, but since they are slow moving creatures, turtles are not recommended for an office or workplace. Several turtles are sometimes placed in a circle, preferably on a circular table to symbolize perpetuity. In feng shui, turtle is one of the four Celestial Animals – it is associated with water and its direction is the north, so placing the statue or picture of turtle in this area will be a good idea to enhance your career luck or as a support. Many experts like to place it in the back of their house to improve their feng shui kitchen.

Money Cat
In Japan this popular cat is called Maneki Neko. Although originally Japanese, these cats are widely used in many countries especially in Asia to attract good luck for business. They represent good fortune and protection. You can place this cat in your wealth sector (SE) or working space. If that is not possible then NE is another good alternative.

Fortune Frog
Fortune frog is a three-legged toad holding a coin in its mouth with strings of coins around its feet. This feng shui item is said to bring monetary gain, wealth and good health as well as to protect the owner against misfortunes and drive away harmful spirits. Fortune frog can be found in many Chinese restaurants, homes and offices. The toad is usually placed in the corner of the room.

In feng shui, fish can be a powerful symbol to improve luck and prosperity. Fishes are widely used as pet fishes in the aquarium, pictures, paintings or kept as figurines to attract luck and success. According to feng shui, fish can sacrifice itself in order to save you from danger as well as bad luck by commiteed suicide or jumping out of the water or aquarium to neutralize harmful qi around the house. Some popular fishes that are kept for improving luck and prosperity are arowana, carp, gold fish and flowerhorn. Do note that your aquarium should not be placed in wrong places such as bedroom or kitchen because it can cause illnesses and money problem.