Learn Feng Shui owl placement tips and techniques around your home or office environment and boost your ability to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. Can this really be true? According to those who believe in this ancient Chinese practice, the types of objects that you place in your home or office either bring positive energy in or have long-lasting negative effects that drain the environment of peace, health, prosperity, luck and harmonious relationships. The first placement tip is to understand what the owl represents in the word of Feng Shui.

Why Is The Owl Such A Popular Symbol In Feng Shui ?

Portrait Of An OwlCredit: By Alias 0591 from the Netherlands (Portrait of an owl Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia CommonsIn the Feng Shui tradition and belief system, the owl is revered as a symbol of wisdom, protection from evil and as the ultimate truth seeker. It is described as an object that brings positive masculine chi or “vibes” in the realm of intelligence and knowledge. I happen to think they are cute as I do with most animals. The owl is a mysterious, nocturnal animal that few of us get to see unless we live in rural wooded areas. Most of the time we will only hear the telltale call of this wonderful creature because they blend in so beautifully with nature. 

What Type Of Owl Should I Choose?

There are so many different types of owl figurines out there. You don't necessarily have to have one that is sold as a Feng Shui owl. It is the symbol that is important. One of my personal favorites is the gold covered figurine. Gold just looks rich and if we are going for prosperity vibes, it's perfect.

See The Complete Listing Of Owl Figurines Here

According to this practice, placing gold objects in the south-east corner of your home attracts prosperity.

Can we really rely on a figurine placement to bring us luck, wealth and happiness? For as many that say it doesn't work, there are just as many that say it changes the energy in  their homes  and reverses bad luck. It is a known fact that what we believe about strongly manifests in our experience.

If you happen to be skeptical, but love owls, it never hurts to experiment with placement. Owls are beautiful as ornaments for the home. They come in every color of the rainbow and with different finishes from elegant to rustic to cute ones for kids.

Feng Shui Owl Placement Tips For The Office

Just like the home is divided into energy sectors that influence the various aspects of our lives like our relationships, health, luck, career growth, children, romance and money, the workplace is divided the same way. In order to place the owl exactly where you want increased money circulation, you need to check the Bagua chart for your blueprints and get the exact positioning of your entrance doors. Put your owl on your cash register, near your accounting books or on your desk. Put it in your waiting room to attract clients.

Best Feng Shui Owl Placement For The Rooms In Your Home

You can place your owl anywhere in your particular space where you want to create positive energy, protection from evil, an increase in wisdom, luck and money circulation. In order to get the results you are looking for, your owl can be placed in any area of the home based on the traditional Feng Shui home floor plan or Bagua as it is typically called. You can order this inexpensive reference card from Amazon for less than $5 dollars each. It details each energy zone of  your interior spaces. I did read online that one Feng Shui expert recommends placing an owl in the family or knowledge sector of the home for good results.

Can I Have More Than One Owl Placement?

I did not find any reference as to how many owls it takes to create good luck and increased money circulation. In my opinion, if one owl works, a whole family is even better! Since I am by no means an expert, this topic has been a hoot ( pun intended) to write about. Does a figurine  owl placement REALLY bring luck and increased money circulation? If so, I am going to hang an owl around my neck to cover all the spaces I enter.

What we shall see about the good luck and prosperity of having an owl placed on this page is that this article should start to immediately attract tons of money circulation and increased wealth to itself!


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