Easy Feng Shui Tips For Wealth

In feng shui, energizing the wealth and prosperity energy center in your home is extremely beneficial because it can stimulate and attract money and prosperity.  The below information is basic feng shui tips for wealth and prosperity that will help you energize your wealth center of your home.

The element for wealth and prosperity is wind and water. The concept of money imitates the flow of wind and water. The wealth and prosperity center is located in the rear left of  your home. For example, your career center should always be near the front, main entrance of your home, as you are looking in from your front door, the wealth and prosperity center should be in the back left area.

Wealth and Prosperity Don'ts

This is very important and should be done first. Remove all clutter so energy can move freely around. Clutter creates stagnant energy. Remove all negative images, objects or pictures. Throw away garbage and remove garbage cans from the area. Remove broken objects, anything that may depress you or gives you negative feelings. Remove dead plants, leaves or flowers and pot-pourri (which is dead flowers). 

The Fireplace
If a fireplace is in your wealth area, place a water fountain on top of the fireplace to calm the fire energy so your money won't go up in flames, or add a bowl of fresh water with gold or red designs or marbles and stones. A vase of fresh flowers works well, too. Any object that holds water will tame the flames. Do this only if the fireplace is located in your wealth and prosperity center.

Wealth and Prosperity Enhancements
Here are some energy enhancements to add to the area.
  • Large healthy plants with large leaves.
  • Water fountain or aquarium running twenty-four hours a day (except night in your bedroom)
  • Lamps, night-light, or other light source with a red light bulb.
  • Red candles or purple candles
  • Red, gold, green and purple items.
  • Mirror behind a plant or water element to "double" prosperity energy
  • Real and silk flowers in red and gold.
  • Valuable possessions or decorations..
  • Artwork with vibrant colors and positive images.
  • Wind chimes made from hollow metal or bamboo.

Easy to do wealth and prosperity tips

  • Large healthy plant
  • Water fountain or aquarium bubbling 24 hours a day
  • Light source with a red bulb or red candle
  • Red and gold items

Water Fountains A Must

Water fountains are very powerful for wealth and prosperity, career, and helpful people areas of your home. If you only want one water fountain in your home, then the wealth and prosperity center is the best place. Remember to keep your water fountain on 24 hours a day, except for in your bedroom when you are sleeping.

Water, which always represents prosperity is abundant in bathrooms, so bathrooms are taken very seriously in feng shui. The energy flows down the drains and toilets as well as your money. It is important to keep the toilet seats and bathroom doors closed so your wealth energy does not flow down these drains as well. 

Bathroom Tips
The following tips are to energize all bathrooms, at least one or two should be used. The more energy enhancements the better.
  • Keep the toilet and bathroom door closed at all times
  • Keep a small lamp, night-light or candle on twenty-four hours a day
  • Place a healthy plant higher than the toilet, but not on top of the toilet.
  • Hang a round faceted crystal above the sink, shower and tub drains, five inches from the ceiling.
  • Place mirrors in the bathroom to activate and circulate energy.
Bathrooms at the entrance
If a bathroom is located by the entrance of your home, then good energy is being flushed down the drains and toilet. Water represents the flow of wealth, so your finances and career opportunities can be washed or flushed away.

  • Keep the toilet seat down and bathroom door closed at all times.
  • Place a mirror on the outside of the bathroom to reflect the good energy away from the bathroom. 


The kitchen stove also represents prosperity. Many people do not realize the position of your stove is a major factor in securing affluence. You should face into the kitchen as you prepare meals on the stove. A stove in the middle of a kitchen on a center island is a power position. If your back is to the kitchen when you cook, you should place a small mirror above you to heighten your awareness of what is going on behind you.

The stove  should not be opposite or next to the sink which represents water, or your finances could be negatively affected. To repel the water energy, place a small mirror on the front or side of the stove with the reflective side pointing towards the sink. Also, never let water stand for a long periods of time on your stove such as a tea pot, your finances can be at a stand still.

Tip: If you put a jade object next to your stove it will attract prosperity.

Layering your Wealth and Prosperity Centers

You can layer your wealth and prosperity centers by applying the wealth enhancers to other wealth centers within the rooms in your house. For example; the wealth and prosperity  area would be the back left area of the room if your are standing at the rooms entrance.  Add enhancers to this area such as a water fountain, large plant, or candle.  This will add more energy power to your wealth and prosperity. Just remember, if you add a water fountain to your bedroom, turn it off at night. If the fountain is on and it disturbs your rest, this can be a negative.

More Feng Shui Tips For Wealth

  • Never let dust or clutter accumulate in your wealth and prosperity center
  • If your water fountain is broken, do not let the water sit still for too long. It's best to remove the fountain, until it is fixed. 
  • Don't let your water fountain trickle water or drip, it should have a continuous flow. (remember water represents prosperity, so you always want it to flow)
  • Remove any dead plants, leaves or pot-pourri, from these areas.
  • Always keep your stove clean, and do not let water set still for long periods of time on your stove. For example, a tea pot with water. 
  • Fix all dripping or leaking faucets or toilets. This represents your money is being thrown away or wasted.
  • A clean kitchen encourages a prosperity. A kitchen with good feng shui represents abundance in all areas of our life.

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