Translation - wind-water - does this word combination remind you of something familiar? Possibly not, I will assume. But if offered with its original translation, you probably would realize exactly what it is. Even though the phrase 'wind-water' doesn't make any sense to most of us, the original interpretation often does. Feng Shui began in Chinese astronomy and it was used to orient buildings with heaven and earth, nowadays it is more about balancing heaven and earth in our environment to promote positive qu (pronounced chee).

Within the household many people already organize their rooms using this old Chinese tradition. It doesn't matter which room in the household you want to organize, every single room can be adjusted using this old tradition. According to the theory, all the rooms in a property are very much interconnected therefore can be seen as one single unit. So let's have a look at one room in the home that everybody spends time in on a daily basis - the bedroom.

When deciding what to put in your bedroom, according to feng shui, you should avoid items such a TVs and gym equipment. The reason is that these completely damage all the possible good energy which is in the room. On the other hand, positive happy pictures and items are just right for any bedroom. To bolster beneficial energy, look for positive pictures and items that you can duplicate, as one of something is still wrong for the area. Choose pictures that are bright, lively and positive as well as ornaments, but make sure ornaments are part of a pair. Choosing inspirational items is the key to being satisfied. If you feel great about the things in the room, then chances are you are on the correct track. Even if you don't believe in the whole idea of feng shui, having positive and inspirational items are going to make you feel better than something that makes you feel depressed.

Colours for the bedroom is another big decision you need to thing about, but it's not all guesswork, feng shui can help you here as well. Flesh tones, from a pale to the dark brown blends are considered the best colors to purchase to make the most of feng shui. I believe most of these shades can combine very well with any other color. If you would like to use these tones, you will also find that nearly all other decors go well with them, as they are quite neutral. Rather than have the same color scheme all over the bedroom, think about using your favourite color or contrasting color to improve the room. As flesh tones are quite neutral, any other color you choose should go very well and look effective.

As for the bed, there are many directions it can be turned to. You should know which aspect of your life you want to influence, in almost all of them, the bed should be turned in a slightly different direction. The general rule is, decide which part of your life you want to change, then position the bed in a slightly different direction. There is no universal working position, so look up the position in accordance with the part of your life you want to improve. Each position you place the bed is said to control a certain area of your life, as a result there is no right or wrong way, just look it up to find the best way for you.

As a summerhill homes expert, who spent almost 3 decades working with homes, I have to tell you: Beware! What you should not do, according to feng shui, is to have a mirror facing your bed. Of course, this is no reason why you shouldn't still have a mirror put in the room. Furthermore, it is not recommended to keep doors, as well as closet doors, open during the night. For a few individuals, closing the bedroom door makes them feel sheltered and secure. For a few of you that keep the door open for different reasons, such as listening out for the children, or even if you just don't feel happy with closed doors, then keep them open. Your comfort is the most primary concern. No amount good energy is going to flow if you feel miserable in your bedroom.