Feng Sui, pronounced fung shway and the correct spelling is feng shui which is popular to spell it feng sui and there are several other variations of spelling it as well. Feng sui is the ancient Chinese study of  balance and harmony through good energy and allowing it to flow freely within our homes and life. It is not a religion so it doesn’t conflict with religious beliefs. Proper feng sui will allow good energy to flow correctly, enhancing different aspects of our lives. As you apply feng sui, you will feel the energy shift and improve the center or area of your home that it affects.
A feng sui bagua map will help you learn the 9 energy centers or areas of your home. You can then enhance these areas and improve the the energy that affects those areas of your life.
Feng sui can be complex and complicated. There is much more to know about feng sui. This list is good for a beginning to get started but is just a small part of feng sui. Below are general common guidelines on how to apply feng sui (feng shui) and improve your home so the energy flows better. 
1.   Keep bathroom toilets and bathroom doors closed, so good energy doesn’t flow down the drains.
2.   Very important, remove all clutter throughout your house and all rooms, clutter of any sort is a big negative in feng sui and stops energy flowing. There shouldn't be any clutter behind doors, in drawers, cabinets, etc. Remove old magazines, junk mail, old and paperwork. Everything should have a place and be well organized.
3.   Space cleansing is very important. Rooms should always be clean and dust free. Your home is like a sponge and absorbs all energy.
4.   Sharp corners create Poison Arrows or negative energy. Avoid Poison Arrows pointing in the direction where people are sleeping or sitting. If you have sharp corners, place a plant or object in front of them.
5.   When designing a new home, make sure the doors do not directly line up with other doors and large windows, such as  a back door. If your front door lines up with a back door, hang a crystal from the ceiling between the doors to block the energy from escaping.
6.   Do not let sitting water “just sit” in any rooms for long periods of time, such as water in a tea pots on the stove, water in plant bases, and broken water fountains. The energy will become stagnate.
7.   Plants with large leafs are the most beneficial to use.
8.   A home should be well-lit, natural lighting is the best so try to keep the curtain open t allow the natural light in.
9.   When cleaning the house, open windows to refresh the air and let the old energy out.
10. Water fountains are excellent to use. (they are the most beneficial in the rear back left of your house if you are standing at the front door, the back rear left corner is your wealth center.) Keep the water fountain running 24 hours, except for in your bedroom and if the fountain breaks, fix it or remove the fountain. 
11.  Fresh flowers are excellent in feng sui especially in your family and romance areas of your room. Dead dried flowers such as pot pourri are not good in feng sui, they have a lifeless energy so they should’nt be used. You should remove dead leaves from plants as well.
12. Remove negative objects, images or artwork which creates a negative energy. Objects and artwork should be positive and pleasing to look at.
Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, you spend a lot of time there and is a place to relax. So it is important that good feng sui energy flows through it correctly. The below guidelines will help achieve that.
1.  If you have a water fountain in your bedroom, turn it off at night so you can rest.
2. Do not put a mirror in the bedroom directly facing the bed, mirrors multiply the energy in front of them. If you are sick or depressed in bed, that energy will double.
3. Place your bed farthest from the door and the head of the bed should be against a wall. Always face the door.
4. Do not combine your bedroom and your work together and remove any work items from the room. If you cannot remove the items then have them neatly organized and preferably in nice storage containers.
5. Do not sit or sleep directly under a ceiling fan, they should be place at the end of your bed and not over your head.
6. Bunk beds are not advised in feng sui.
7. No clutter or storage under the bed. Energy should be able to flow under the bed freely.
8. Keep your bed made through out the day.
9. Use colors that are soothing