Fenugreek: Another Miracle from Mother Nature

FunugreekThere are many foods that have proven health benefits. One of the lesser-known that can have a profound impact on health is the fenugreek plant and in particular, the leaves and seeds that it produces. An ever-increasing number of converts are incorporating fenugreek into their daily diet and reaping the associated health rewards.

Fenugreek is grown all over the world and can be found on most continents. It is particularly prominent in North Africa, Spain, the Middle East, India and China. Part of the Fabecea family, it looks similar to wild clover. There is evidence to suggest that fenugreek has been used for thousands of years as a form of health food both in cooking and in herbal medicine.

It has been suggested and proven in health studies that fenugreek has the following health benefits:-

  • Reduction of blood sugar levels and increasing glucose tolerance in patients with Diabetes
  • Lowering of bad cholesterol levels in the liver and intestines
  • Easing joint pain, arthritis and menstrual cramps
  • Acting as an antiseptic for rashes and skin complaints
  • Enhancing male libido and sexual performance
  • Stimulating milk production in lactating women
  • Inhibiting development of prostrate cancer

 Fenugreek seeds are high in fibre, protein and oils and are also great sources of potassium and vitamin C. The seeds are often roasted and used to supplement a normal diet. They can be used to garnish salads or ground into a powder to be added to flour for bread and biscuits. Once roasted they make a tasty snack food.

Externally, when applied as a paste, the fenugreek seeds act as a soothing balm for burns and abrasions as well as an effective pain reliever for problems with joints and muscle strains. Seeds are made into paste by boiling them until they are soft. They also contain diosgenin which is a steroidal saponin and helps the skin to repair.

If you are unable to source natural Fenugreek, it is available in capsule form and is easily obtainable through health shops and online health supplement outlets.

One of the main positive factors for including fenugreek as part of a holistic health regime is the fact that it has little in the way of side effects. Although some people can develop an allergic reaction, very few do. As with any supplement, it is wise to consult with a doctor both before using it as well as if any allergic reactions become apparent.

In this modern world where much of the food available to us is not particularly healthy,, it is always worth considering carefully how to supplement our normal diet.. Fenugreek is one of those supplements with very clear health benefits that we should be talking about and recommending as part of a healthy dietary regime.