Feral Cats – To Be Or Not To Be


Before we look at what feral cats are, let's look at what feral cats are NOT.


They are not wild creatures.


They are domesticated cats that have been forced to become feral by owners who have neglected to care for them. Because feral cats are domesticated, they cannot survive in the wild. That is why they are found around human beings, but still as isolated from human beings as possible, such as alleys behind restaurants and hotels, in basements of blocks of flats, in warehouses and so on.


Feral cats do not attack humans.


The hissing and back-arching on sight of humans are not an attack mechanism; it is merely a form of self-defense, because of their non-too-pleasant memory of the human species. They have learned the hard way that to survive is to avoid humans are far as possible.


In this non-cat-friendly world of ours, fortunately there are people and non-profit organizations that do care for these unfortunate creatures. With a motto similar or around the concept of “Every One Deserves a Chance”, it is the policy of such organizations to not have these feral cats put to sleep, but to give them a fair chance to a decent life. The modus operandi is to capture the adult feline, neuter them, and return them to the feral colony under the watchful eye of a feral caretaker who will tend to them, feed them and nurse the sick. The result is a stable colony where no new kittens are born and new feral cats are rarely accepted into the colony due to the territorial nature of the animals.


Should a kitten be found, it is rescued and placed under the care of a foster mom, whom will feed and look after the precious kitten until it is big enough to be neutered, inoculated and placed with a loving family who will and can treat it like it deserves to be treated. Did you know that your cat thinks he is the boss and you are his pet? Better believe it!


Taming a feral cat that was previously petrified of humans, and hearing that first purr is the ultimate reward one can receive.


The aim of this article is to dispel the myth that a feral cat colony can only be contained by capturing the feline and putting it to sleep. Rather, the opposite is true – every one deserves a chance.


Interesting fact: The first major national cat show ever in the USA was in 1895 at Madison Square Garden and included feral cats.