Historical figures make a great costume idea for Halloween. If you are looking for a historical explorer to dress up as, a Ferdinand Magellan costume would fit the bill.

Ferdinand Magellan set out to prove that a westward route to Asia and the Spice Islands existed. He was from Portugal but Spain backed him in his quest to find the Spice Islands and in doing so he proved that the world was round.

Wearing a Ferdinand Magellan costume would honor the man who gave his life to journey around the world. He paved the way for others who explored after him. Being the first is always the hardest.Tan And Brown Junior Explorer CostumeCredit: Amazon.com

If you do decide to use a Ferdinand Magellan costume don’t expect people to instantly recognize who you represent. You would be wearing a costume from a man that lived hundreds of years ago in a world we only read about through history books.

Who is Ferdinand Magellan?

Ferdinand Magellan is an explorer from Portugal who was the first to sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. He sailed around the world leading five ships and 241 men on the expedition. Most of his crew consisted of prisoners that were let out of jail to go on the journey with Magellan.

Despite many hardships along the way he was able to prove that the earth is round. At the end of his journey less than 20 men survived and Magellan was not one of them. He died during his historical expedition. His historical trip ended years after it started.

One of the places he passed through on his explorations was the waters south of South America which is now called the Strait of Magellan. He also named the Pacific Ocean because the word pacific means peaceful.

How To Make A Ferdinand Magellan Costume?

You probably can’t go into a store and buy a Ferdinand Magellan costume off the sBrown Foam Hat For An Explorer CostumeCredit: Amazon.comhelf. You will probably have to create your own Ferdinand Magellan costume by doing some researching and use your imagination to try to recreate the famous explorer.

He had a long dark beard and a mustache. In most pictures a Ferdinand Magellan costume would include a flat cap or hat. He also wears a dark coat with a collar of fur. I would also add a pair of boots to recreate an authentic looking Ferdinand Magellan costume.

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Other Famous Explorers That You Can Dress Up As

Christopher Columbus was probably the most famous of all explorers. He is credited with discovering the Americas in 1492. His fleet of ships were named the Pinta, the Nina and the Santa Maria. In order to create a Christopher Columbus you would have to wear an explorer hat (that can be found on Amazon for a low price). You can find pictures of Christopher Columbus easily enough.Humvee Beige Safari VestCredit: Amazon.com

Neil Armstrong was the first man to take a step on and explore the moon. That historical day was July 20, 1969 and many people are able to recall the moment he took that step for mankind. For a Neil Armstrong costume you can create an astronaut suit and carry a flag and some fake moon rocks. Both kids and adults would love to dress up in an astronaut costume.

Charles Lindbergh was the first man to explore the world and cross the Atlantic Ocean via the sky in an airplane. The airplane was called the “Spirit of Saint Louis.” If you wanted to imitate Charles Lindberg in a costume you would need an aviator hat and goggles.

Daniel Boone was a famous explorer of the Kentucky wilderness.  His trail that he blazed is now known as the Wilderness trail. He was known for wearing a coon skin cap however there are doubts as to if that is true. However if you were to wear a Daniel Boone costume I would wear a coonskin cap as it is pretty much associated with Daniel Boone due to the popular television show of years ago.

Juan Ponce De Leon is remembered for the discovery and naming of the state of Florida. He has also been associated with the search for the “Fountain of Youth”. A Ponce De Leon costume would have to include his hat that looks like an upside down cup with a feather plume. He also had a prominent beard and mustache.

If you decide to wear a Ferdinand Magellan costume or one that is based on another explorer in history, you probably will have to explain your attire. Most people do not recognize characters out of history on a regular basis.

One idea for a group costume would be to each go a various explorers. It certainly would be a one of a kind costume idea and surely would not be duplicated. You could even create a trivia game about the different explorers with your costumes honoring great explorers in history.

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