Do you happen to have a fond childhood memory of your grandma forcing you to eat a spoonful of fish oil? Or perhaps, you heard a story of your grandma unenthusiastically eating her daily fish oil when she was a child. Fermented fish oil was the most common supplement given to children in Northern Europe and the US up until 20th century. Nowadays, there is a renewed popularity in fish oil and cod liver oil (CLO) products. However, the majority of what you see on the shelves is a far cry from what your grandma grew up with.
The main issue is that 99% of these products are not created using the traditional method of fermentation. Fermentation is what gave the fish oil from your grandma's childhood such a fishy unappealing taste. The majority of the CLO/fish oil products available in stores is highly processed and deodorized residues of fish meal manufacturing. These products are created by using industrial processes that employ heat and chemicals in order to isolate and preserve the all-popular EPA/DHA omega-3 fatty acids. However, this process destroys much of the nutrient and vitamin content in the oil.

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Let me share with you what makes the Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) so amazing and so different from the scores of all other cod liver oil (CLO) products on the market.



Fermented cod liver oil has been used and treasured for centuries in Europe (Scandinavian countries, Scotland and even Romans!). Fermentation of meat and fish products is an ancient practice that has been used worldwide to preserve food.
Enhanced Nutrient Content
Fermentation is a much better alternative to industrial processing. The process of fermentation enhances the nutrient composition of the final product. Fermentation of the fats and other components present in the cod liver allows the oil to be liberated from the livers with the added benefit of enhanced nutrient content.
Reduced Toxicity
Fermentation naturally breaks down toxic substances accumulated by fish livers without the need for the technological procedures used by the majority of fish oil supplement producers. 
Enhanced Bioavailability
Fermented CLO provides a natural form of omega-3 fatty acids which means that it is more bioavailable than the CLO produced using synthetic substances (most CLO products on the market).
High Quantity of Vitamins A and D
Very importantly, FCLO has the huge added benefit of providing vitamins A and D. These vitamins are fat-soluble and are hard to come by in our modern diet. Note that we can't really get vitamin A from carrots and other orange-colored fruits and veggies. These plant sources only have beta-carotene, which is then metabolized in the human body to convert to vitamin A. The easiest to assimilate source of vitamin A is animal fat. Same goes for vitamin D unless you live in the equatorial region and bathe in the sun daily.
Fermented cod liver oil is a traditional super food that delivers natural forms of omega-3 essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins A and D. The fermentation process enhances the nutrient content and bioavailability of the nutrients. FCLO is naturally lower in toxins and has no synthetic components.
There is only one commercial producer of FCLO (how about that!) I am aware of. Green Pasture is based in the US and cranks out the most wonderful FCLO products ever, which I can attest to as a long-term customer. They are a bit on a pricy end of fish oil products but there is nothing out there that comes even close to Green Pasture's FCLO quality. You can buy it on Amazon using the links below.