Several Ferrari F355s have crossed the ebay auction block recently, most ending unsold. Supply is plentiful and if you still have a job and around $60k to spend on one of the best all-around Ferraris ever made, this is a good time to buy. Good to excellent examples range in price from $50-70K, the GTS generally going for about $5k more.

For capital preservation purposes, I'd recommend a red on black GTS with a 6 speed manual (black leather because it ages well, hides stains, is easy to re-dye and just plain looks great). That said, you should choose what you like as these won't be appreciating in value for several more years. FWIW, my favorite Ferrari color combo depends on the model, but for the F355 I like red on black. And being a performance purist, I prefer the Berlinetta to the GTS.

As always with a Ferrari, either buy one that has had the major service done recently, or factor that into the price. Problems to look for include a rattling bypass valve, cracked manifolds, inoperable electronic suspension, broken heater valve, engine fires (yikes), catalytic converters, a sticky throttle pedal, and worn valve guides leading to oil burning.

Specs & Info

Auction Dates: Sep 2009
Engine: 3.5L 5V V8 mid-engine
Transmission: manual or F1 semi-auto
Horsepower: 375 bhp
Torque: 268 lb-ft
0-60 mph: 4.6 sec
1/4 Mile: 13.0 sec
Top Speed: 175 mph
Fuel Eff: 10/15 mpg
Brakes: F:300 mm / 11.8 in, R:310 mm / 12.2 in
Tires: F:225/40ZR-18, R:265/40ZR-18
Skidpad: 0.97g
Curb Weight: 1492 kg / 3290 lbs