The Ferris IS 5100Z

Everyone wants to keep their grass looking beautiful, whether it be around a residential or commercial building. That being said, it can be a real chore maintaining a nicely manicured lawn without the proper equipment. The most important is your lawn mower. Cutting grass regularly will not only ensure a nice even cut each time taking less toll on your blades, but it can also prevent weeds from growing so large that they create seeds and infest the rest of the lawn. If you have a large lawn or are in the commercial landscaping business, the Ferris IS 5100Z may be the right tool for the job.

Ferris IS 5100Z(54056)Credit: Chris VoorbergSpecs

The IS 5100Z turns literally on a dime. The zero-turn technology allows you to swivel around on one wheel without moving forwards or backwards. It comes with either a 61" or a 72" cutting deck, so it will cut wide swaths of grass in each pass. In addition to a wide deck, the machine is very fast, topping out at 12 mph to drastically reduce cutting times. This mower also boasts a 33.5 horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine for ultimate reliability and power. There are suspension springs on each corner of this machine to improve both rider comfort and cut quality.

The Positive Side

The Ferris IS 5100Z really does move quickly and accomplish a lot of work in a shorter period of time than many other riding mowers. With the great suspension on this model, it is very easy to stay comfortable even on bumpy lawns. The motor hums along, and never bogs down even in relatively tall grass. All controls are clear and easy to use, and the steering bars are excellent and do not take a long time to develop a comfort level with them.

The Negative Side

When turning on the spot this machine tends to tear up the grass under the rear wheel it is spinning on, possibly due to the weight of the engine. The pedal to drop the cutting deck is rather heavy to control, and so it is safest for the operator using this machine to be large and/or strong. The wide deck downgrades the cut quality slightly on uneven surfaces and where the land changes slope. The cost of this machine is quite high.


So far I've been very happy with this Ferris mower. With several acres to cut and more expected, it is very handy to have a machine that reduces the work time while still providing a nice cut. The comfort and ease of use factors also add to the benefits of this machine, and easily outweigh the minor concerns. I highly recommend the Ferris IS 5100Z to anyone who is able to spend the money for a quality mower. After all, quality comes at a price.