The causes of infertility might vary from one person to the other. Florida fertility clinic is equipped with the state of art technologies and renowned doctors to provide every aspect of service in evaluating, diagnosing and surgical treatments to get you pregnant. They can treat from basic to complex reproductive disorders with the most advanced technologies like IVF, GIFT.

Fertility clinic is striving from the past 2 decades in helping to resolve the disorders of reproduction and in helping to deliver good healthy babies. They understand the emotional, physical and financial impact of every couple and will help you in overcoming infertility.

Some pretty good Florida infertility clinics are located in North Tampa, South Tampa, Brandon, Pensacola, Tallahassee and Clear Water. All the centers offer physician service, In house laboratory, and radiology support for all the infertility and reproductive endocrinology procedures. They also have a center of excellence near North Tampa office, which offers Vitro fertilization treatment. This center is equipped with latest technologies of comprehensive endocrine and andrology labs, and a radiology suite for ultrasonography and fluoroscopy.

All the doctors in the fertility clinic are certified in Obstetrics, and Gynecology. They strive hard to provide at most care to all patients. They are committed to trust and develop excellent relationships with the patients who make you feel easy and happy during your whole treatment.


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Fertility clinics also offers a Donor Program. The procedure of the egg donation program is, the eggs are taken from the donor, and they shall be fertilized in the laboratory. Once these eggs are completely fertilized it shall be inserted into the patients or the recipient's uterus. The donors are anonymous and shall be in between the age of 21-32 years. The donors come from all the backgrounds. However, there are only 50% chances of pregnancy per cycle for the donor's egg. The program also offers a split donor program, in which the couple undergoing the IVF treatment can donate their half reproductive eggs to another couple undergoing the same treatment.

Fertility clinics also provides male infertility treatments. There are various treatments for Antibody studies, Sperm penetration assay, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Vasectomy Reversals/ Sperm Freezing. Financial assistance is available for couples undergoing IVF treatment and is the first of its kind in the Tampa region which offers such services. For couples undergoing IVF treatment it gives a flat 70% refund if it fails in producing a healthy baby in 3 IVF cycle attempts and a 100% refund if the couple uses a donor program.

However, before deciding to undergo any treatment Doctors consultation is always required. If you are facing any issues in producing healthy babies please arrange an appointment with a doctor at Florida fertility clinic which offers a guarantee of producing healthy babies.