Fertility Hypnosis

Using Hypnotherapy to Help Conception

If you are having problems getting pregnant then Fertility Hypnosis can help you to conceive. People are gradually beginning to understand the mind body connection and realising that in many cases medical intervention isn’t enough. So how can Hypnotherapy for Fertility help you?


1)     Stress – Scientists now know that if you have high levels of stress hormones in your body it can stop you ovulating which will prevent you conceiving. These same scientists discovered that the impact of this stress could be negated by talking therapies. Fertility Hypnosis is the ultimate talking therapy as it involves a deep and concentrated state of focused relaxation which is the complete opposite of stress. By simply learning to switch off from some of the everyday stress in your life your chances of conceiving are improved.


2)     Relaxation – Learning the techniques to relax from a Fertility Hypnosis expert will clearly help to reduce stress in your life when you are trying to conceive. Learning these techniques is especially important when a couple has been using fertility treatments over a period of months without any success. In these cases their lack of success can make them become tired, emotional and extremely stressed. Having constant medical appointments, trying to time sex to fit in with schedules and the hormonal changes due to Fertility drugs can push people to their limits. Using self hypnosis and visualisation techniques whilst using IVF treatments can make the difference and scientists have discovered this can double your chances of conceiving.


3)     Negative Emotions – It is not uncommon for women trying to get pregnant to have negative emotions surrounding their efforts to become pregnant. They may start to believe that there is something wrong with them, that their partner will not love them it they are unable to conceive which impacts their self esteem and confidence in themselves. Hypnosis for Fertility helps to address this issue and can reduce these negative emotions so that you are feeling more in balance again.


4)     Fears & Phobias – Some women may dread the thought of getting pregnant because of other changes that may take place in their body. On a basic level they may fear losing their figure or their standing at work. On a deeper level they may have a phobia connected to pregnancy which prevents them from wanting to conceive. Fertility Hypnosis does not only deal with helping you to conceive but it can also help to eradicate fears and phobias as well.