Are you entertaining a large crowd for dinner this Christmas? Do you need some festive ideas for your holiday table. Let your holiday dinner table say something about your decorating style. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to make your table festive and beautiful. I have a few of my favorite ideas that you just might enjoy.

This idea is not necessarily for the table, but for the dining room. Make a cranberry wreath that your guest can view as the dine on your scrumptious meal. You can make one large one or several small ones spaced evenly apart. What you will need for this project is a Styrofoam wreath and some red paint. Buy a few bags of cranberries, toothpicks, ribbon, and glue. First, spray paint the Styrofoam wreath red and let it dry. Next, take out your toothpicks and cranberries. Insert one end into the cranberries on the wide side and glue. I like to do plenty of these first. After that, you can insert the other end into the wreath. I like to go around the wreath in rows until the front and sides are filled in. Do not put cranberries in the back or you will not be able to hang it on the wall. Place the ribbon around the top and hang it on the wall. I have never had one to stain the paint on the wall from the cranberries, and this arrangement has a dramatic impact. Any remaining cranberries can be put in clear vases, add water and an overflowing of white flowers for the centerpiece on the table. Place candle sticks on each side of your vase. At the base of the candle add tiny sprigs of evergreen and glue a few holly berries to the sprigs. Use a white table cloth on the table with red place mats. Make some place cards out of bundles of peppermint sticks secured on each end with ribbons. Drizzle some red glitter lightly down the length of the table and sprinkle some silver glitter on the place mats. Finally, tie some wide ribbon across the backs of the chairs and suspend some twigs of mistletoe in the center.

For a blue themed idea make an evergreen wreath by securing twigs to a wire wreath and using floral wire continue around the frame securing bunches of twigs as you go. Once you secure one bunch add the next by lifting up the end of the first and tucking the second one underneath it and secure it with the wire. Do this until the entire wreath is full. Now you can add some pine cones that have been sprayed with light blue paint. Add some fake plastic grapes to the mix, or you can add some blue ornaments. When you are done add some blue wide ribbon to the top and tie it into a bow. Next, get a large clear vase and fill it with blueberries and add water. Place white flower in the vase for a crisp snowy appearance. Use a white tablecloth and place candle sticks and each side of the vase. Use candlestick that have been spray with contact glue and sprinkle with blue glitter. Sprinkle some of this glitter down the length of your tablecloth. Make your place cards out of sugar cookie with blue icing. Use white icing for writing the names and then place these on top of the plates. Suspend blue tinsel garland on the backs of the chairs with white colored ornament attached in the center.

For an earthy look make your wreath with evergreen, holly berries, and pine cones. Make your center piece out of a wicker basket with evergreen branches and pinecones. Between the branches and pinecones lay down a layer of white Christmas lights. Set a tier plate inside and surround with the pinecones. Next, place a matching wicker basket that is smaller on top of the tier and add some evergreen. Fill this with pears that have been gilded with edible gold dust. On each side of this place wide candles that have cinnamon sticks glue straight up and down around the candles. Run two ropes of green garland laced with cranberries down the length of the red tablecloth and place candles and centerpiece between them zigzagging the garland as you go. Run light cord through the bottom of the wicker basket and down the length of the table and trace back underneath the bottom of the table with an extension cord to prevent guest from tripping over the cord. Use burlap placemats and cut two sticks about the length of a name card and wire together after placing name card edge between them. Place silverware in a miniature stocking and center on the plates. Run evergreen garland on the back of the chair and accentuate with a red ribbon bow and suspend an ornament or two pinecones joined together from the center of the garland.

Here are 3 examples of festive ideas for your holiday table. With just a little imagination your can make your dinner table warm and inviting. Let your decorations reflect your personality. Happy Holidays!