Hearing the heart beat from your unborn baby is one of the many fun experiences during pregnancy. First you get to see the baby inside the womb when have an ultrasound at the doctor's, and then you get to hear the little heart beat racing for the first time. You can have this experience and share it with friends and family. With a Fetal Doppler monitor, you can hear your baby's heart beat at home. Some versions of the baby doppler will give you the option to record the sound and then put it on your computer to send to friends and family via email. When you are shopping for different fetal dopplers, you need to keep in mind that not all of them are the same. One that works well when you are in your late stages of pregnancy will not work great when you are in your early stages. When you want to hear your baby's heart beat in the earlier stages of your pregnancy, you are going to need one that is higher quality and good at the job. You will not have to worry so much about the quality during your third trimester when it is easy to find and hear your little one's heart.

Hearing your baby's heart is fun and gives you an even closer connection with your baby. Smiles light up the room when that little heart is beating fast. As your baby develops more, his or her heart beat will start to sound in rhythm and slow down to a more normal pace. In the beginning stages, the heart is beating in a very fast and erratic pace. It is always fun to listen to the baby's heart, and you can eve hear the baby hiccup. If you listen closely, you will be able to notice the difference when the hiccup is a fast two pounding sound. Another thing couples do besides listen to the baby heart beat with a fetal doppler, is to play classical music for the baby to listen to. Do not turn it up too loud though! A good bit of advice is that when you are figuring out the doppler, you might not have the best luck in finding the baby's heart beat right away. It is best to do it 3 to 4 hours after mommy has eaten. Also, if she is in the early stages, you are going to have to move the device around her belly to pin point where the baby is. You also need to use the fetal doppler on bare skin to get best results. Last and best tip is to make sure your fetal doppler matches the month or trimester that you are trying to use it for.