Baby heartbeat monitors are a very important tool for any mother to use. It gives you the peace of mind that your baby is safe, healthy and developing the way they should be. It is a great way to put your mind at ease. There is a lot of stress associated with pregnancy and it is very normal to worry about how your baby is going. If this sounds like you then a baby heartbeat monitor is something that you should look at. They are otherwise known as fetal Doppler's because of the way they work, they use the Doppler method. This means that they are taking the frequency of the sound waves and transmitting them into something that is audible, and it sounds like the heart beat that you would have heard before. It works exactly like and ultrasound does, and you can basically do what your doctor is doing when you go and visit him. If you are someone that has previously had complications, then a fetal Doppler is something you should really be considering. It means that you are able to detect problems early, but it also means that you can simply have peace of mind that your baby is going well. You can't really hear any heart beat until the fifth week of pregnancy, and at the twelfth it will become much more regular. It is such a great experience having a child, and you want to savour every moment of it. You will find that many people really love hearing their babies heart beat the first time, and it is something they remember forever, you shouldn't miss out on this and you can easily hear it by getting one of these monitors. The great thing is that you can actually rent a fetal Doppler. Fetal doppler rental has been around a while now and it means that you don't have to buy a test just for one pregnancy. They can be pretty expensive, but this means that you can just rent it for the few months that you need it and give it back after. This is a very popular option and it much cheaper. You never know how many times you will be pregnant and buying one simply might not be worth it. You will be able to find a lot of rental plans and there is sure to be one out there that suits you and your families needs. You will find the baby heartbeat monitor out there that suits you.