At some point in your life, statistically speaking, you will end up getting a fever blister. For those of you who already get them, I don't have to tell you just how painful and all around annoying they can be. One minute there can be absolutely nothing wrong and the next thing you know their is a burning sensation on your face. This will explode into a serious fever blister. The next several days, usually a week(but it can last for up to three), will be no fun at all.

One of the things you will want to seek out is a fever blister treatment. If you are having your very first fever blister you need to handle it differently from if you have recurring fever blisters. The fever blister treatment you need to take if it is your first is an oral treatment while if it is recurring you might want to take some kind of topical medication. These are the top 4 topical treatments that you can buy on the market today.

Penciclovir 1% cream

This FDA-accepted fever blister treatment (which is called Topical Denavir) neds to be used every two hours to the site of the fever blister for 4 days. If you can start this fever blister therapy within one hour of an outbreak,it should shorten the time to therapeutic by two days.


Zovirax (brand name Acyclovir 5% Cream) can be FDA-approved for treating recurring cold sores. There have been studies showing that the frequent application of Zovirax can reduce the time it takes to heal by about a half a day.


Famivir is the genetic name of the drug which is more commonly called Famciclovir. This fever blister treatment has been proven to shorten the length of an infection by two days if started on the first sign of symptoms.


This fever blister remedy, which is called Valtrex if you are looking for a brand name, is also FDA approved. You should start taking Valtrex 2 twice a day, it may well shorten the herpes infection by a day or more.

These anti-virus drugs can

• Cut back the number of lesions if taken quickly sufficient

• Cut back symptoms - particularly ache

• Scale back the dimensions of lesions developed if taken soon sufficient

• Prevent lesions from occurring if taken soon sufficient

• Reduce the number of lesions developed if taken soon sufficient

• Lower the time it takes for cold sores to heal

Helping A Fever Blister Heal

There are a selection of over-the-counter fever blister therapies that may help fever blisters heal. Other than one of them, they are all topical medications and are stated to assist with the pain and discomfort of fever blisters - to 1 diploma of another. In other words, about the only manner you can know if one in every of them will provide help to is to strive it.

Listed here are some of the more common of these over-the-counter fever blister treatments:


Abreva is one of the only non-prescription treatments fever blisters that has been accredited by the FDA to shorten the time it takes for them to heal. It comprises 10% Docosanol, a patented ingredient that, throughout a chilly sore outbreak, helps to guard wholesome cells from the cold sore infection. Like the other non-prescription drugs, Abreva works most effectively for those who can apply it the minute you feel the tingle, redness bump or itch that indicators the outbreak of a fever blister.

Value: $12.99 (.07 ouncestube)


This fever blister treatment is said by its producer to supply fast relief from the ache, itching and burning associated with fever blisters and cold sores, and has proven to reduce healing time grealy. Its manufacturer further claims "Viroxyn eliminates the pain inside minutes of application."

Value: $37.99


This is not a topical treatment however. This is an oral medication which its producer says is "an efficient, OTC straightforward-dose capsule taken twice daily for two days to heal cold sores and relieve the accompanying itching, burning and swelling-with out the mess."

Price: $12.95
Sore Chilly XM®

Sore Chilly XM (eXtreme Medication) is utilized with a roll-on applicator on the first signal of a fever blister. Its manufacturer says that when you apply Chilly Sore XM immediatelly, as it will stop the herpes virus in its tracks. The corporate additional states that in case your catch the outbreak earlier than a blister has fashioned, you possibly can typically cease its development and heal your skin "in a remarkably quick period of time."

Value: $9.95


This fever blister treatment, which is described as all natural, is alleged to safely eliminate the virus that causes fever blisters and promote the growth of latest wholesome clear skin. The Terrasil firm further says that its product uses pure jojoba oil to soothe and moisturize the pores and skin, organic beeswax to reduce irritation and essential oils to take away toxins. Terrasil is assured to work or its producer will refund your buy price.

Value: $24.00 (14 gm. Jar)

Relieving Fever Blister Pain

The one piece of good news when it comes to fever blisters is that you can relieve the pain they cause.

For instance, experts say it is best to maintain that the blister(s) stay clean and dry to prevent any kind of bacterial infection. You might also eat a gentle, bland weight-reduction plan to keep away from irritating the sores and surrounding delicate area. Also, ensure you don't infect others which implies avoid kissing them or touching the blister after which touching another person.

As well as, there are over-the-counter drugs obtainable that will help the ache of a fever blister. Listed below are three of them:

Anbesol Coldsore Remedy Ointment

Anbesol uses Allantoin 1%; Benzocaine 20%; Camphor 3%; and White Petrolatum 64.9% to quickly relieve the pain associated with fever blisters. It is usually said to relieve dryness and soften fever blisters.

Cost: $5.forty five

Zilactin® Chilly Sore Gel

In the event you develop a fever blister before you can treat them earlier, Zilactin Early Reliever Chilly Sore Gel is claimed to form a bio-adhesive that may relieve the ache and burning for up to six hours. It will additionally promote healing. Zilactin Cold Sore Gel is obtainable in a .25 oz. tube and as 20 single-use Medi-Packs.

Value: $7.ninety nine (.25 oz. tube)

Value: $19.ninety nine (20 single-use Medi-Packs)

Orajel® Medicated Chilly Sore Brush

This topical fever blister therapy features a ache reliever, three moisturizing pores and skin protectants and a prunella vulgaris natural complex. It's said to moisturize to help velocity therapeutic and works to stop the pain and burning of a fever blister. It's applied with a smooth tip brush dispenser immediately on to the fever blister.

Cost: $6.98

Avoiding Fever Blister Reoccurrences

Given the truth that fever blisters are a herpes simplex virus an infection, it may not be doable to avoid recurrences. However, there are elements that experts consider can set off a recurrence. This contains sicknesses similar to chilly and influenza, eczema, emotional and bodily stress, exposure to vivid sunlight, gastric upset, or fatigue. Nonetheless, there's no less than one examine that has discovered that a susceptibility to fever blister recurrences is inherited.

In case your fever blisters are triggered by sunlight, scientists have confirmed that sunscreen on the lips can forestall sun-induced recurrences of fever blisters.

Do your fever blisters seem to look if you find yourself stressed? In this case, you can try to keep away from aggravating situations. And a few researchers have prompt that you simply may add lysine to your weight-reduction plan or get rid of meals corresponding to nuts, chocolate, seeds or gelatin. Nonetheless, neither of these has been proven to be effective in managed studies.

Fever blisters are no enjoyable and may actually carry your love life to a halt. Plus, they are a life-long problem. Nevertheless, as you could have read, there are fever blister therapies that can take some of the ache out of your eruptions and help you heal faster.