Test (25821)The naturalization application for Australia includes the citizenship test as one of the final steps. The candidate gets called for the test in the 6th or 7th month of the application process. This means that the form has been reviewed and the DIAC is ready to approve the application.

The citizenship test is made of 20 multiple choice questions based on the resource book called "Australian citizenship: Our common Bond". The passing score is 75% of correct answers with no mandatory questions included. The resource book can be downloaded from the DIAC website at any time or can be ordered the same way.

The citizenship test can be taken as many times the candidate needs to get the passing score. One of the main purpose of the test is to assess the candidates English Language skills, which doesn't imply that the test holds any English grammar question among the 20. Just the fact that the candidate is able to understand the test wording and meaning is proof enough that the English requirement is met. The other main focus of the test is to prepare the new citizen for the new responsibilities and obligation that he will acquire with his Australian citizenship. Bare in mind that retakes will delay the approval citizenship approval process and will not affect your permanent residency status at no level.

One of the best places to start to get prepared for the citizenship test is to get familiar with the content. Reading the guide two or three times will give you the head start in the study process. Getting prepared for this test is not an overnight task since the multiple choice questions are based on detailed information from the guide. Most of the content needs to be memorized and does not come from reasoning. With this said do not leave study for last minute.

Once you get familiar with the content the better thing to do to start memorizing it is to build your own test notes. Start writing what you believe is most important from the guide noting the dates, years, names and other relevant information to be memorized. By writing it down to paper you start fixing it in your mind making the data more accessible in the moment of the actual examination.

The next thing to do after fixing the content is to use it. There is where the practice tests and the question samples come handy. By repeatedly accessing the information you finish the memorization process in your head. Do as many practice questions you can find. Old citizenship test and mock test can be found all over the web try to get a few to test your knowledge. Is is also a good idea to start questioning your friends and co-workers on these topics. In this case you are adding experience to the content that will make it more accessible in the future. Think this way: It is easier to remember the Australian flag meaning if it is attached to the memory of asking it to your boss, who most likely didn't have a clue on what it stands for.

People, in the excitement of attending the test, forget to have a good amount of rest before the citizenship test. There is no use to be tired before the test. Your brain won't appreciate it. There is also no use in studying last minute. When you need to memorize content there is a very low possibility you will be able to do it from one day to the other.

The candidate has 45 minutes to complete the test. Retakes are usually on the spot upon PC availability. Once the citizenship test is approved the candidate will receive a letter inviting him to the citizenship ceremony. There the applicant will have the oath of commitment and will be given his citizenship certificate with a passport form in case one is needed. The ceremony takes around 40 minutes after which the candidate becomes an Australian citizen.