Friendship Tattoo Designs

Friendship Tattoos

Among all the relationship friendship is one such relationship that is most priceless and cherished by everyone. It is no less than a treasure. From the childhood days we come across so many friends most of them are forgotten as the time passes by. But among them may be one or two friends remain with us who gives their support as and when required in the time of distress or happiness. We remember them on friendship days with a friendship bracelet. There is a better way to acknowledge this relationship and that is to get a friendship tattoo done on your skin. Here are some ideas.

 Friendship Tattoo Designs

Anybody can get a friendship tattoo done on their skin as a mark of honor towards his or her friend. If you have a group of friends all of you could go for tattooing yourselves as to commemorate your great friendship bonding. In the internet there are lots of sites for friendship tattoos. You can go through, discuss among yourselves and then select. For your convenience here are some tattoo designs given for you.

 Chinese Symbol for Friendship

China is well known for its age-old tradition and rich culture. Chinese tattoos are getting popularity day by day. But there is a word of caution. Chinese language is not a very easy language so it is better before going for Chinese tattoo to know the meaning of Chinese words. To avoid all these you can simply go to a professional to get the job done. Chinese tattoos are small in size hence it takes less space on your body. If you are really interested in Chinese art can go ahead with their tattoos.

 Flower Tattoos

 Flowers are one of the God’s best creations. This is the reason flower tattoos are appreciated by everybody all over the world. Both men and women can put flower tattoos on their body parts. Though this is more of feminine design still it can be worn by men also. There are lots of flowers which depicts the meaning of friendship like periwinkle, Adams needle, acacia, chrysanthemum and so on. Adams needle signifies best friendship and periwinkle means budding friendship.

 Matching Tattoos

 It is not necessary that friendship can be expressed only through certain flowers. You can pick any matching tattoos like nautical star tattoos, dragon tattoos or some other tattoo designs. For this you can look for tattoos meant for couples in the net.

 Yin Yang Tattoos

 This is a very famous Chinese symbolic tattoo. It is in black and white and has a deeper meaning. The tattoo is a circle that divides into two halves. One is dark the other half is light. The dark one is Yang and mark of masculinity that creates while the light one is Yin and feminine in nature that destroys. But when combined they make the whole universe. They are competent with each other. This is really a unique tattoo design which is best described as a friendship.

 Friendship Tattoo Placement

These tattoos are generally placed in the same body parts such as if you wear a flower tattoo on right foot your friend should paint it on his or her left foot. If you have a best friend and want to honor his or her friendship then the above mentioned tattoos are the best options for you.

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