If you are looking for something totally different when it comes to mood lighting for a room or hallway then consider the latest in fiber optic night lights.

No longer are night lights those big ugly single bulbs that plugged into the electrical outlets to help light up a dark corner or the bathroom.  They used to get quite hot and did not look that interesting.

With lighting technologies in LEDs and fiber optics getting better and safer all the time, you can now combine a useful night light with beauty.  These do not have to be used just for that dark corner or bathroom for anyone getting up in the night, these can now be used as mood lighting or soft lighting for any room.  You can get them in all shapes and sizes such as a night light photo frame that shows off your greatest photographs, or battery operated ones for kids rooms and areas without power.  There are glass shaped ones such as a hummingbird and more, the variety is endless.

But if you really want to try something different then you should check out this butterfly fiber optic color changing night light.

Not only is it beautiful but at night you can really see the different colours as the tips of the butterfly change color.  It has a calming effect and would be great for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and even for mood lighting when you don’t want the big lights on, but just want a little light.

These make a great alternative to candles, and these look great in a kitchen too.  You plug this into any electrical outlet, and then you watch it change colours and light the way.  They have an on/off switch and you can always put them away during the day, but I find they are a great way to decorate and “hide” the electrical outlet.  Just keep the switch turned off until you want that soft lighting, then turn it on.Fiber Optic Butterfly Night Light

These make great gift ideas for anyone on your list that is hard to buy for.  Who couldn’t use a night light?  Especially one that is really beautiful like this butterfly fiber optic night light.  These are very useful and use very little power.

Fiber Optic Butterfly Night Light

You can’t help but keep staring at this little and yet powerful fiber optic night light.  You could place a few around a room for great mood lighting, or an intimate dinner party or in the bathroom for guests.

Night lights have made a comeback in a big way, and there are many styles on the market now.  You can get these is most lighting stores, but the largest variety can be found online at such sites as Amazon.

Fiber optics are being used in many items for the house, as well as decorations.  They use very little power and are fun.  You can even get fiber optic hair strands to dress up your hair for that next party or Halloween or just for fun.

If you are looking for some soft lighting for that intimate dinner or simply to light up a dark hall or bathroom at night, but want something more interesting that a plain bulb then consider the latest in night lights with the fiber optic butterfly night light with the beautiful changing colours.