If time and money are always a concern with your Christmas decorations, a fiber optic Christmas tree is an exceptional value. Just as beautiful as the real thing and with astounding Christmas lighting built right in, these trees can save you a lot of cash, time, and frustration during the holidays. Here you'll learn more about the benefits of fiber optic trees, see a few examples, and get an idea of the prices for them in stores.

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees: High Tech For The Holidays

Fiber Optic Radiance Firework Christmas Tree with Top StarThe Christmas tree. It's a holiday tradition known for its beauty and creativity. And while a natural Christmas tree in the home is still a thing of wonder, more and more people are opting for artificial Christmas trees instead. A particular modern favorite are fiber optic Christmas trees which come in many stunningly beautiful varieties. 

A fiber optic tree is a wonder of high technology for the holidays. It has its lighting built right into the tree itself through tiny glass or plastic fiber optic LED tubes. When they're mixed into a traditional-looking artificial Christmas tree, these LED tubes appear quite like any other pine needle branches. That is until they're turned on. Then the tree itself feels like it's glowing with holiday spirit, filled with colors and pulses unlike any Christmas lights you've come across. It's a wondrous sight to see.

You'll also see varieties where the tree is crafted solely of fiber optic tubes. It makes for an ultra-modern look, sort of like LED twig trees and worthy of the most contemporary of spaces. Many of these are crafted as tabletop Christmas trees, perfect for decorating the office, classroom, or smaller rooms in your home.

Many fiber optic Christmas trees come pre-decorated with LED-lit Christmas ornaments and fiber optic tree toppers. These can be an all-in-one package for the holidays if you want them to be. Or you can decorate the tree with your own ornaments like any other holiday tree. Just be careful around the fiber optic tubes. They won't hold as much weight as the artificial branches will.

See Fiber Optic Christmas Trees In Action

Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Benefits

You've heard why fiber optic Christmas trees are at least the equal in beauty to any other Christmas tree varieties out there. But in many ways they are superior, especially if you are time crunched or on a budget.

No hassles with light strings

6 foot Pre-Lit Color Changing Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree - Multi Lights

String lights have a tendency to knot up. Individual bulbs burn out, which may cause the entire strand to go dark. And placing them (and removing them) can be a real chore. There's none of this with fiber optic Christmas trees. The lights, as mentioned, are built right in, and one burning out doesn't affect the bunch.

Cheaper to run

LED lights like these are much more energy-efficient than traditional Christmas string bulbs, about ten times so. You'll see the cost to light your tree drop a lot when you move to a fiber optic option.

Better for the environment

Because they use less power, there is much less of an electrical footprint for these trees, making them a very eco-friendly Christmas tree solution.

Many years of use

Like other artificial Christmas trees, you'll get years and years of usage from your fiber optic Christmas tree, as long as it's taken care of properly during the off-season. This is a major money saver over natural Christmas trees.

No pine needle messes

Another big advantage over a real tree. Over the course of the season, pine trees will shed their needles making big messes under your tree. There's no need to worry about this with the artificial varieties.

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Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Prices

Fiber Optic LED Tree

There's a lot of high-tech in fiber optic Christmas trees, and because of it, they are more expensive than other artificial varieties. But they are still, more often than not, less expensive than buying a real pine tree for your home (and they'll last for many more years). You'll find many three to five foot trees for between $50 and $100. Six foot trees and taller range from $100 to $200 depending on how ornately they're decorated.

With all of their benefits and modern beauty, fiber optic Christmas trees should definitely receive consideration for your home. They're sure to impress and deliver that sense of Christmas awe so many people strive for in their Christmas trees. They are one-of-a-kind.