If you love the idea of star struck hair that sparkles in the night light or moon light, then check out these fiber optic hair strands.

These are a really cool way to add “pizzaz” to your head.  If you are heading out clubbing or to a party or even for Halloween if you want to show off your costume and makeup this would make the perfect addition.  Almost like the icing on the cake.

LEDs and fiber optics have come a long way, and there are more and more affordable fun ways to dress up and add something different to your appearance.

These lit up strands, are simply what they sound like.  They are very fine strands of light that attach to a barrette clip that you can clip under your hair style to hide it and then let the illuminating strands fall and mix with your own hair, or you can add them as cascading extensions by placing the clip lower.

These are totally flexible and can follow your “updo”, or just hang and flow out.  The best way to use one of these clips is to wash and style first, and then hide the clip underneath at the top of your head (if you want the strands to cascade) and then wind them loosely around any “updo” you have or pony tail or other style.

Or simply do a style, and then add the clip to the back of your head lower down, and let the fiber optic strands fall onto your shoulders.

The clips are ready to go and are not very big, and the strands of light are different lengths and come in a rainbow of colours.

These are really teeny tiny lights, and really enhance your look and face in the evening.  You could just use one clip and have a few strands to accent your outfit and hair, or you can use many clips and totally illuminate it.Fiber Optic Hair StrandsCredit: Amazon.com

Fiber Optic Hair Strands

This would also make a great addition to any costume for Halloween.  You can place them in wigs or your own hair, and these would be great for the older kids who want to dress up without using a mask or just want to add an accent.

As you can see in the picture, these can be a cool addition to a night on the town.  You can get other fiber optic hair accessories such as illuminating hair barrettes and headbands if you would prefer to just have one spot lit up.

These little lit hair strands run on a battery that is hidden in the clip, and are easily replaced, so that you can have endless hours of fun with your hair.

You can get these fiber optic hair strands and extensions and clips at accessory stores or jewellery stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.

There are a few cautions when using optic hair strands.  They are tiny and although pretty tough you don’t want to be using your hair dryer or curling iron too close to them.  It is best to get your hair all done first and then place the clip under your hair and place the strands where you want them to go.  You can clip them in place carefully, just be careful not to pinch them too tight or they will break.

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what a cool way to dress up your style.