Unique Halloween Costumes with Lights

Costumes with fiber optic lights have a more unique look than an ordinary costume.  Fiber optics is a way to transmit light in a long, thin glass or plastic piece.  The lights make the costume glow or accentuate part of the outfit. 

Fiber Optic Halloween Costumes for Kids

Costumes that glow in the dark or have fiber optic lights look cool and are a little safer for kids that go trick-or-treating.  Fiber optic lighting makes a unique Halloween costume that glows, sparkles, lights up, and stands out from the rest of the kids.   

Here are some cool Halloween costume ideas for boys, girls, and toddlers.

Glow-in-the-dark Spiderman Halloween Costume

The kids fiber optic Spiderman costume is a jumpsuit with a fiber optic spider on the chest.  The Spiderman costume also has a hood with fiber optic lights around the eyes.  The fiber optics in this super hero costume are battery-operated and replaceable.  This is an officially licensed Marvel Heroes costume. 

Light Up Spiderman Halloween Costume for KidsCredit: Amazon.com

Fairy Tale Princess Costume Dress for Halloween

The Fairy Tale Princess costume uses fiber optic lights to enhance the princessness of the outfit.  The skirt lights up making it the perfect costume idea for toddlers and kids who like to dress up in fairy take dresses and costumes. 

Light Up Fairy Princess Costume for HalloweenCredit: Amazon.com

Light Up Vampire Costume for Halloween

The light up Vampire costume is one of the best fiber optic Halloween costumes.  Kids will love the glow-in-the-dark fake blood shirt that comes with the Vampire costume.  Boys and girls can both enjoy dressing up as a Vampire for Halloween.  This costume is available in small, medium, and large kids sizes.  The cape, pants, and fiber optic glowing shirt are all included.  The light up Vampire costume is on sale at Amazon.

Fiber Optic Vampire Costume for HalloweenCredit: Amazon.com

Fiber Optic Wigs for Halloween Costumes

Fiber optic wigs are also popular.  If you don't need glowing wings or other special lighting on your Halloween costume you might try a wig.  A lot of costumes need a wig to complete the outfit.  There are plenty of fiber optic wigs available, including a lighted afro wig, purple fiber optics wig, blonde wigs, and many more. 

The fiber optics wig is an easy accessory for any costume idea, but it is perfect for a Lady Gaga costume. The Lady Gaga Halloween costume is very popular, so to make your Lady Gaga Halloween costume stand out, use a fiber optic wig.  Gaga costumes are popular for adults and kids, but there is no reason for the costumes to look the same.  

Fiber optic Halloween costumes are fun for kids and adults.  Halloween is a fun time of year full of carving pumpkins, goofy costumes, haunted house props, changing weather, and all sorts of home and yard decor, from lighted decorations to big, inflatable pumpkins and other things. Using lights in your costume or decorations make them look different, whether it is LED lights or black lights. Use your fiber optic costumes and wigs to have a safe and happy Halloween.