Choosing comfortable and high quality field hockey uniforms is important if you are going to play in a league or join a tournament. It is necessary to have properly fitting uniforms so that you can play and move freely. You can choose from huge selection of uniforms and apparel such as jerseys, shorts, t-shirts as well as sweats, bags, warm-ups, travel suits and jackets.  Sporting good stores and online stores are both good places to do shopping, though there's something to be said for seeing the equipment in person.

One great thing about shopping online is you can get custom designed field hockey jerseys. There are a virtually limitless number of styles and colors that you can choose from online, and you can have logos customized too. Most of the uniforms are made from 100% polyester with side inserts and 6 inches inseams.  There are many established companies that provide field hockey uniforms such as Augusta and Signature Series. If you are buying field hockey jerseys for a team, it's best to do so in bulk so that you can save money, as companies often offers discounts and promos when you buy many jerseys at once.

It is essential to wear top quality, comfortable jerseys because most replicas are made from inferior materials that will cause you itchiness and uneasiness feeling while playing. You do not want to lose a game just because you are not comfortable in your jersey. Many consumers get cheaper ones to save money but they don’t know that poor quality uniforms will lead them to have ripped sleeves, faded colors and other problems. Many hockey teams get customized uniforms to have their logo and name of the team on it so that fans can easily remember and see them. It is nice to see organized team with same colors and materials when it comes to their gears and uniforms.

To preserve your uniforms longer and use them again in your next tournament, make sure that you clean them after use so that stains and dirt do not stay on them. Use mild soap only and make sure to wash with the same colors, and hang them until they are dry. You can hand wash your jersey or use the washing machine but make sure you follow directions on the label of your uniform at all times.