Fiesta Island


Seats 8 people comfortably
16 Cup Holders
Mesh base so you can walk across the middle


Plastic is damaged easily
Mesh is not as durable as one would like.

Full Review

First of all, I had a bit of a difficult time getting my hands on a Fiesta Island floaty device. I originally saw Fiesta Island in the Sky Mall magazine while on a plane to Las Vegas. I knew as soon as I got back that I would have to order myself one.

Since I live in Canada, not many merchants were willing to send Fiesta Island across the border since the package was so huge. After numerous attempts, I eventually managed to find a merchant who would ship it and got my hands on my very own Fiesta Island.

About a week after Fiesta Island arrived we decided to take it for its first float down the water channel located in Penticton British Columbia. We started out with about six of us on the floaty, but ended up with over 16 as people randomly jumped on board as we floated down the water.

I have to admit, that I had an absolute amazing time relaxing on Fiesta island and taking advantage of the 16 cup holders. The design of Fiesta Island is absolutely amazing, the only issue, is the materials used to create the floating monster are not the highest quality.

Before the three hour float was finished, we had managed to tear the mesh that creates a bottom for the island right in half. Granted, we had 100% more people on the device than intended, but you would still expect it to handle it.

My Fiesta Island lasted three floats total before the actual rubber that holds the air in was pierced. That is probably the biggest downfall, the actual plastic really can't handle any sharp pressure. I tried patching it up, but with the sheer volume of air this thing requires, almost all patches slowly wind up coming off causing Fiesta Island to sink extremely fast.

I would recommend this product to anyone who is relatively careful with the stuff they buy. Do not take Fiesta Island anywhere with sharp rocks or sticks as there is a very good chance they will pierce the tube. If you have a cabin with some nice clear water, Fiesta Island would be a great addition to your summer getaway.

In Closing