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Fiesta Palace may not sound like it, but it is one of the top rated wedding reception venues in the Northwest Indiana area. To be honest, Fiesta Palace sounds like it should be serving shady Mexican food with traditional Mexican scenery. It actually looks classy beyond belief with very affordable packages.

Everything about it was great. Everything from the food, to the drinks, to the scenery, to the customer service. There are a few downfalls, but they are extremely minor one.


The location is really the only downfall about the Fiesta Palace. The building is very obscure, it is even harder to find in the dark. It is extremely easy to drive past it a few times, even when you are using GPS. The only give away is the red neon letters on the building that says Fiesta Palace. There's no sign by the road or anything, this is perhaps the only thing that could need fixing.

The building is one of those buildings that doesn't look especially spectacular from far away, but once you get close, you really notice the great detail that they put into the exterior. It is really very elegant.

As for Merrillville, the town is chocked full of stores and fantastic restaurants. The only complaint is that there is traffic. So much traffic in the are. With all the stores and restaurants people come from all over to hang out there, I did not see one single house while I was in Merrillville so I have no idea where these people come from.

Besides the massive amount of traffic, Merrillville is a great place for a wedding or a wedding reception. Especially if you have family that lives in Indiana, Illinois, and/or Michigan. It is a perfect middle ground for everyone to meet up especially if you want to avoid Chicago.


The inside of Fiesta Palace is amazingly elegant compared to the outside. The decorations are perfect for any sort of get together you are planning. The decorations come in packages so it is really easy to pick them out. Just basically pick a color or two and they will fly with it, though the primary color will be white. the colors just serve as accents on centerpieces and the bows on the chairs.

However, walking into their main room with all those neat while tables is a little breath-taking. The main room and the entranceway look elegant and amazing but the bar are looks classy and modern. The dimmed lighting and dark wooden bar top really give the whole place a modern touch.

This does not have much to do with the decorations, but if you are a bride or in the wedding party, the bathrooms have very spacious stalls in chase you have to do a bit of maneuvering with your dress. There is also a private room in case anyone needs to change.

The hall is relatively small compared to some of the reception halls I have seen, but they did an amazing job with such a small space. It did not feel the least bit cramped and there was still plenty of room for a dance floor.

fiesta decorations

Customer Service

Customer Service was very attentive. The really did their best to incorporate all of our needs into the equation. For those that do not really have a clear vision of what they want, they can account for that. They are really helpful in getting everything you want out of the reception.

For example, the groom was Italian so he wanted to incorporate some Italian food into the wedding. However, the bride was not exactly fond of Italian pasta. So thus can the option of Italian sausage and herb chicken. It was a really nice compromise.

They really make this part of planning a wedding as stress free as possible.


I personally have only been to the Fiesta Palace once, but you ask any person that have been there what their favorite part was, it is undoubtedly the food. Occasionally, they will say the open bar, but more on that later.

The food can be served individually plated or family style depending on your preference. Personally, I have to suggest the family style, but it is a little awkward if not everyone knows each other.

No matter what way your food is served it comes with rolls and a green salad. The rolls are hot and of amazing quality. The green salad is crunchy and you can tell it was not sitting out for long.

For your venue there are quite a bit of food options to choose from. There are classy options like chicken Marsala and roast sirloin, but there is also an extensive Mexican menu. After all, it is called Fiesta Palace.

I personally suggest the green beans almondine, which is a vegetable side. It is not exactly the most healthy vegetable for you because it is slathered in butter, but it is the most delicious vegetable I ever ate.

If you go for having bar service at your venue, you can either do a cash bar or an open bar. The open bar is fairly affordable compared to other open bars I have attended. There are two packages you can pick from, one is top shelve booze and the other is medium shelf. There is no low quality liquor in that place. I can appreciate that.

The bartenders come with a menu of things they will make you and they are good at it. I watched them make every single drink, there is definitely no watering down drinks either. They will not cut you off, but Fiesta Palace does keep a police officer on the premise if things get a little rowdy.

With all the packages, they only supply enough champagne for the wedding party and not the tables, which is sad, especially since they close (and restock) the bar during the wedding toasts.

The liqour and the amazing food seemed to really have made this a popular place.