Could you remember when your child wanted to play a musical instrument and you bought him a flute? He was thrilled and you thought you had the next musical genius of the millennium. After a while you started to regret your decision. Why? Because your child only uses his flute like a whistle. He runs around the house blowing the same note for hours. Other parents have a different story to tell. They buy a set of drums for their child and the whole neighborhood went up in flames. Another word for such flagrant display of musical creativity is, noise pollution. How many neighbors have been up in arms because of noise pollution? When it comes to a sporting event, you expect noise and rowdiness. However, sports is not always an excuse for unlimited noise pollution. A similar thing is now happening in the Fifa Football World Cup taking place in South Africa.

Football like many popular sports is not only about the competition, but about money and marketing. It is also about tourism. The Football world cup is the most popular sporting event in the world. Nothing gets the spirit of nationalism heated like an international game of Football. For those in North America, football is also known as Soccer.

Recently there has been a lot of scandal about the Vuvuzela. What is it? It is a horn that is just over 1 meter in length. Football fans are known to be rowdy and like to make their presence felt. What better to achieve that by blowing into the Vuvuzela for the duration of the game. Can you imagine listening to the noise generated by thousands of Vuvuzela horns for about 3 hours none-stop? That is what many people have to endure due to their love of the beautiful game.

Hooligan versus Vuvuzela

If you were to compare the reaction of people to the nuisance caused by the Vuvuzela and the problems generated by hooligans, which would you prefer? Hooligans are passionate about football and so are those fans blowing their Vuvuzela. Hooligans can cause chaos and destruction. They have been known to fight and have caused the death of other fans. As of today, no one has died from getting a Vuvuzela blown in their face. You might end up with broken eye drums. It will be a pain but it will not kill you. If you were to choose, you will definitely go for the lesser evil, the Vuvuzela

Banning Vuvuzela in Stadiums

Some have been advocating the ban of Vuvuzelas. Is that a viable solution? It will definitely reduce the noise level, but true fans of football will invent something else to stimulate their adrenaline. Some fans have enough air in their lungs and will sing for hours none-stop. That is the difference you see in football fans that you don't see in other sporting events. Not even the Super Bowl in America comes close to the Fifa Football World Cup competition. Most fans don't speak the same language and needless to say, they don't have to either. Football is the language and Vuvuzela is a new vocabulary that has made its way into the mainstream.