5 Infections and how to over come them without antibiotics

Feel an infection such as strep throat coming on?  Run out and get an antibiotic?  Think twice because filling your body up with extra medication that is not really needed might make you think twice when you hear what they do to you.   Taking them for a cold or flu will only contribute to the problem.  When you start feeling sick take this advice before you have a  temperature over 100.4 F  and are required to be on drugs.

Strep Throat

Feel a sore throat coming on? Gargle with a solution of salt water and bitter orange essential oil. Take a 1/2 Cup of warm water, add 1/4 teaspoon salt, and one drop of the orange. Gargle at least two times a day with this mixture.

Take a capsule each of Enchinacea and Goldenseal at least once a day. These herbs have proven to fight sore throat infections.

Drink Slippery Elm Bark tea, licorice root and marshmellow root, which help lower inflammation.

Sinus Infection

Head ache and stuffy coming on?  Clear your sinuses by drinking grape seed extract by mixing 20 drops in a glass or water, juice or tea.  This will reduce the histamines which cause the feelings of sinus ache.

Take beta-carotene.  This will help the  mucus heal infections inside you mucus membranes. 

Get a nose wash and rinse each nostril out with salt and warm water three times a day.

Get a  Five Herb mixture known as Bionoricusa that contains gentian root, black elder, primrose flowers, sorrel, and vervain.  They have been tested to be the best cure in the world for sinuses.

Urinary Tract Infection

Drink Unsweetened Cranberry or Blueberry Juice.  If you have to by making your own in a pot of water, simmer and cool.  

Take Uva ursi.  Take two capsules two times a day.  There was a study done that women who took this herb for one month never got an occurance. 

Flush bacteria out with Nettle Leaf tincture.  

Ear Infection

Chew gum, not just any kind, chew xylitol gum.  The sugar  alcohol in this gum is antibacterial agains the specific bateria that caused the infection.

Take high doses of Quercetin.

Put ear drops in made of garlic and mullein.  These herbs are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

If you must take antibiotics drink Green tea with them.  They say that this will make your herbs 100 percent more potent.

Do not take antacids because they make antibiotics less effective.

Take a probiotic if you are taking antbiotics and continue for 2 months after you are done with the drugs.  Get about 5 Billion CFUs daily.

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