A Possible Cure for Obesity

Exercise until you can't move, and by the way, don't eat much.  Do you want to be thin and trim, well starve yourself and wear your body down! That's the solution, right? It is preached that what counts is calories in and calories out.  This is the most common advice given to help people who are overweight and obese, but guess what, this doesn't work very well.  At first you may lose weight because your body is adjusting to the exercise and diet, but shortly you will stop losing.  You have less energy and less motivation and more of an appetite.  The solution is not more exercise and less food, perhaps the solution is in the type of foods you eat.  We've all heard that we should eat healthy with fruits, vegetables and whole grains and avoid sugar and fat.  These foods are low in fat and calories and have high nutrient value.  But, what if avoiding fat isn't the solution?  The enemy isnt' the fat, but the grains, the easily digestible carbohydrates.  These carbohydrates have an effect on our insulin secretion. 

In addition, when you conume carbohydrates with sugars, specifically sucrose and fructose corn syrup, this will elevate your insulin levels and overload your liver with carbohydrates.  So, when our bodies respond to carbohydrates by secreting more insulin, we move nutrients from our bloodstream in anticipation of more, so we remain hungry and experience no satiety.  The cells in our bodies need to live off fatty acids, but instead, the insulin traps the fat in the fat tissue and this signals our body to burn glucose.  High insulin levels tell our bodies that we've just eaten and that carbohydrates should be burned, not the fat. 

So,  if we continue to eat carbohydrates, easily digestible carbohydrates, our insulin levels remain elevated and we continue to burn carbohydrates.  The liver doesn't release the stored gulcose and so we crave these carbs.  Our cells aren't releasing fat, the energy in the form of food goes into our bodies, but the energy needed to fuel our cells isn't releasing, so we retain fat.  This changes our metabolism and we'll be more hungry and expend less energy.  In conclusion, avoid refinded carbohydrates in the form of starches and flour, in addition to sugar.  Fat is not the enemy, these carbs are.  Exercising for 2 hours a day and eating less does not equal long tem fat loss.  The key is your insulin levels.  If it remains high, you will not burn fat.  The fat will continue to accumulate unless you're able to release it and this will happen when you consume less of these starches.