15 Top Tips for Weight Loss

Add a Dash of Realism

If you make unrealistic targets like 'I’ll never eat fast food again’, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Even top athletes let themselves go now and again, they just don’t let it become a regular habit.

Eat Breakfast Every Day

 75% of people who successfully lost weight and kept it off eat breakfast every morning, according to a study in the journal Obesity Research. Breakfast helps boost the metabolism, and reduces the risk of going on a fat or sugar binge later in the day.

Not All Fat is Bad!

You should know your fats -

Sources are the Mediterranean olives, avocados, rapeseed oil. Help to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol.
Lower ‘bad’ cholesterol. Certain polyunsaturated fats, called essential fatty acids,  are important in nerve cell formation and heart health, so it’s very important to get enough of foods that contain them: oily fish, nuts and certain oils.
Found in fatty meats and dairy products such as butter, milk and cheese. Also present in anything made with lots of lard or butter, such as confectionary. Raises levels of ‘bad* cholesterol and is to be avoided.
 Found in almost all cakes and biscuits. This is THE worst fat and is one to try to avoid at all costs. It is the most damaging type of fat, as it lowers ‘good’ cholesterol and raises ‘bad’. These are created when oil is processed to turn it from a liquid to a solid. Look for ‘partially hydrogenated vegetable oil’ in the ingredients.

Shopping on Empty

Never go food shopping when you’re hungry. Eat only when you’re truly hungry, rather than out of habit.

Take It Slow

It takes 20 minutes for your brain to get the message that your stomach is full, so eat slowly.

Get More Fibre 

Fibre makes you feel fuller sooner and helps to move fat through your system faster, so less of it is absorbed. Vegetables are a great source of fibre!

Exercise in the Morning

Studies have shown that fat loss is optimised soon after getting up and before eating. Exercising early also means your metabolism will be in a higher fat-burning gear for longer than if you work out late in the day

Use Kitchen Foil 

Bake chicken or fish fillets in foil parcels. They cook in their own juices without the need for oil. Add a tablespoon of stock or wine and fresh herbs.

Go Green

Drink plenty of green tea. Not only will this keep you hydrated, but the cancer fighting qualities are immense.

Get Some ZzZ's

People deprived of sleep tend to develop higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which aids fat retention. True also of smoking.


Water helps to mobilise fat stores.

Go Small

Eat your bigger meals early in the day and downsize the later ones. Try to eat your last meal of the day before 8pm.

Write a Book

 Ok, so it sounds a bit annoying, but by writing down what you’ve eaten each day you’ll be able to see exactly how much you've eaten, and where you are making common mistakes.

Pump Iron

Building muscle aids fat loss. Because muscle is heavier than fat it requires more energy expenditure to carry it. Each pound of muscle you add to your body burns an extra 30 to 50 calories a day. But remember to balance weight work with cardio sessions, which bum fat and build stamina.

Lower Your Soda Intake

Fizzy drinks contain a lot of sugary calories for no benefit apart from momentary refreshment and a quick energy burst. Fruit juices are just as calorific, and while they do contain vitamins and are good for post-workout recovery, you should try to limit consumption.