Try these tasty remedies for your irregularity problem if you don't have specific contraindications:

 1.In the evening take a half-liter bowl, put in it 2-3 dried prunes, 2-3 dried apricots, 2-3 dried figs, 2-3 dates, and half of a lemon. Pour boiling water, cover with a lid, and let's stay at room temperature overnight. First thing in the morning, take half of the cap of the liquid from your bowl, and half of the cup of boiling water--and drink on empty stomach. During the day, drink the remaining liquid or add it to dishes. In the evening, again, pour boiling water into your bowl with dried fruits--and do it for several days until the fruits give out all their beneficial powers--the water  not changing color any more and no taste. At this point, just remove the used fruits and put the new fruits into your bowl.

 2.Take prunes, apricots, figs, dates, apples, and pineapples(all dried, about 3 oz of each), cut off any uneatable pieces, and cut hard fruits in smaller pieces, put them in any food processor you have, and add water just that your food processor is able to process the mass. And chop. Your remedy jam is ready. Transfer it to your container, add honey or agave syrup, or amber syrup, stir and keep it in your refrigerator. Add to your oat meal, eat with a piece of bread(not white bread is better), combine with plane yogurt, kefir; find ways during the day to eat a few spoons of your jam, especially in the morning and before going to bed.

If you add   any nuts and a few drops of lemon to this mixture-it becomes tasty and beneficial filling for your pancakes or pie, or cookies, or other home-made goodies. Enjoy and feel great!

By the way, when making pancakes or dough, exchange part of the flour with oat flour or/and oat flakes: tastes great, and better for you than just white flour.

 3. If you tolerate milk products, in the evening  drink the plain yogurt or kefir with raisins. 

 Your body could get used to any of these remedies if used for a long time. Please change your routine periodically: use one remedy for a while, than the other, than go back to the first one, using different remedies that work for you at different times, and so on.

 Best regards and feel well!