It all starts with a beer for the game or a drink with a friend at a bar. The relaxation and association with pleasantries makes just a drink a programmatic problem for your brain. You are slowly programming your mind to associate fun and reality with drinking. Your mind will always remember this feeling and reach for it when you are in pain or need to escape some level of depression. Once alcohol has grasped your mind and a feeling of escape, the chances of chronic alcoholism are high.

You may have heard of the three stages of alcoholism, which often leads to chronic alcohol abuse. As mentioned above, the person reaches for alcohol trying to escape pain or depression. The person uses alcohol as a tool to relieve the pain and finds a place of escape. The next step is physical and emotional changes in the person. The last step involves classic chronic alcoholism, where they are drinking on their own and hiding the fact that they are a chronic alcoholic.

Chronic alcohol consumption can lead to organ and tissue problems with body. Specifically, the liver is affected along with your arteries. It's important to note that it is common for chronic alcoholic abuse to lead to actually rupturing the liver and pouring toxins into the blood supply. This will most certainly lead to death.

A common indication that someone is suffering from chronic alcoholism is the fact that they can't remember things. In other words they start to lose their short term memory. This is in addition to not remembering facts from a time when they were drunk.

Also, someone who is suffering from chronic alcoholism will start to lose body functionality or motor functions. The alcoholic will not be able to coordinate body movements or functions with their minds. This is an indication of pretty advanced alcoholism and is incredibly important that this type of person seeks professional help.

Being involved with chronic alcohol consumption is fatal unless the person can get help to rehabilitate their mind and body. Keep an eye out for the signs of classic alcoholism and help prevent the alcoholic from reaching chronic alcoholism. Several of the effects of alcoholism on the body cannot be reversed so, it's important to get the alcoholic help and habilitated immediately. Please seek medical and professional help for someone dealing with this level of alcoholism. The alcoholic can be admitted to rehab so that they can detoxify and stop the damage of their body. In the mean time, educate yourself on how to help someone who is fighting such an extreme case of chronic alcoholism.