As people get older one thing they would really like is to spend life wrinkle-free. Unfortunately, between gravity and changing body chemistry and condition this is unlikely unless one is willing to put in a little work along the way. Science has come a long way in this department and has found that utilizing an anti wrinkle cream on a daily basis can help delay conditions which use to result in a defeatist's attitude when it came to aging.anti wrinkle cream (19747)

As we age, not only does the constant downward pull of gravity take its toll, but so does changes in the body's makeup which affect the amount of moisture retained, thickness of the skin, elasticity, and strength of foundational elements. This includes the structure and strength of collagen which supports the skins frame.

Today's anti wrinkle creams are better than ever at helping the look of skin stay younger and wrinkle-free longer than ever. Many are filled with vitamins and supplements designed to restore the strength of the collagen foundation as well as help skin retain moisture which helps it present that soft, subtle, smooth appearance everyone desires.

Anti-aging products sold over-the-counter today suggest great results as well as reversal of existing damage caused by the skin. But it's important to remember that just as all individuals are different so is their skin and what works well for one may not be as effective on another. Additionally, products sold without prescription are highly regulated and may not be as effective as prescription creams.anti wrinkle cream (19748)

Active ingredients in products can help determine which might be more effective for individual conditions. Those containing Retinol, which is a by-product of vitamin A, is an antioxidant. These neutralize what are called "free radicals" which breakdown skin cells resulting in wrinkles. An retinol anti wrinkle cream works very well to smooth wrinkles, of course a prescription works even better. However, Retinol and vitamin A derivatives are not appropriate for those who may be pregnant as they can cause birth defects.

Hydroxy acids are another ingredient found in many topical creams. These are called exfoliants which help remove dead skin cells which stimulates growth of new cells. They also even out pigmentation which can be problematic as one ages. It should be remembered that hydroxy acids do make the skin more susceptible to sun damage; therefore, after use it's always advisable to use sunscreen.

There are many other ingredients contained in creams and ointments found most effective in fighting aging. It is always recommended that a thorough search be conducted prior to purchase. But one needs to remember that just as individuals vary widely, so does their skin so it may take some effort to determine which will be most effective in individual cases. Most importantly any regular regime performed, which includes maintaining high levels of moisture in the skin, will be beneficial.