There are unfortunate workers who suffer harassment in their place of work that affects them emotionally and financially as well. Sadly, the harasser is usually the manager or a boss who should be protecting these workers from hostility and abuse.

Though it will involve a lot of effort from the end of the worker, filing and proving a complaint will all be worth it as he can recover the damages caused by the unlawful acts conducted by the harasser. So, here are the things that one can do in order to have a better chance at winning a harassment lawsuit against his boss:

  • Try to record it. Since harassment usually occurs in a room occupied by only the two of you, then, it would be wise to use your cellphone or any recorder to have a proof of the advances or the comments made by your boss.

  • Gather proof. Once harassment has occurred and you have no recording of it, send an e-mail or a letter to the harasser expressing your discomfort over his actions. It would be wise to use the words "unfair" or "harassed" and indicate his actions that made you feel so.

  • Look for documents. Documents like pay slips, which indicates your decreased salary, and the company policy regarding harassment should also be kept by the employee as this can further strengthen your case.

  • Locate witnesses. There may be other people who witnessed or overheard the harassment. They may also be harassed by the aggressor and they can help you with your case as they can stand as witnesses to your claim.

  • File a complaint with the concerned department. Once a complaint has been filed, you cannot be retaliated against by the concerned party. However, if your complaint has been ignored by the personnel in charge, then you can file a complaint with the appropriate government agency.

  • Find a lawyer. There are lawyers who specialize in employment cases. It would be best to find one in your area immediately and make sure that he is competent and capable of winning your case.

Going against your boss is hard. But, it is necessary to recover the damages that he has caused. Be assured that your employment law attorney will guide and help you in a difficult situation like this.