Are you searching for the best figure skating pants for girls and women online? When it comes to real skating practice, being on the ice means wearing authentic high-quality athletic garments made just for those who figure skate. Although the competition dresses are to die for as far as style, beauty and fashion on the rink, it is the practice pant that a skater realy needs each and everyday. Although these garments are practical for rink exercises, there is no reason why they shouldn't come in hot styles as well.

The Best-Selling Figure Skating Pants Online

Who makes some of the most popular figure skating pants for both girls and women online? I decided to head over to to find the best-rated and most popular ice skating pants according to customer reviews. The best-selling and most popular pants can be found below. All of the garments featured here are sold through Amazon, the most trusted online shopping network in the world. Since it has a been a while since I checked out ice skating apparel on Amazon, I was really impressed with the good looks of these skating pants. The design features are pretty cool!

Ice Skating Pants by Chloe Noel

These pants are not only practical for being out on the ice and for providing total freedom of movement, they have amazing style too.

* Choose from 6 different stripe colors
* Made of 90% polyester-10% spandex for superior comfort
* Medium-weight French terry lining for warmth
* Made in the U.S.A.

Ice Skating Pants With Fleece Keeps You Warm

Some skaters prefer the extra warmth of pants with a fleece interior. When I say fleece I don't mean thick, wooly fabric that some bathrobes are made from. This particular fleece is thin, lightweight and very warm. Staying warm is important to keep muscles pliable and to prevent injuries like pulls and strains. Like the black/ pink striped pants shown above, these garments may have a light layer of insulating material to keep the legs warmed up in a cold rink atmosphere. However, the lining doesn't interfere with the skater's movement.

Polar Fleece Figure Skating Pants For Girls

Ice Figure Skating Dress Practice Polar Fleece Pants PR - Child Medium
Amazon Price: $44.99 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 30, 2015)
These hot (or cool!) pants feature the same awesome swirling design for great looks out on the ice.
* Sized for girls age 8-10
* Made with polar fleece for warmth and softness
* 4-way stretch material
* Made in the U.S.A.

Are Figure Skating Pants For Girls Really Needed?

You may be wondering if girls who skate really need specialized garments to wear out on the ice. I would say that a girl who only skates occasionally for recreation probably doesn't HAVE  to have professional pants to enjoy skating. However, there are a lot of benefits to the individual skater who is serious about learning all the jumps, turns, spins and moves required to become a pro. Because figure skating pants are athletic garments, they are made especially for the needs of the skater.  Serious skaters wear pants made of sporty high-tech materials that have maximum durability, stretch and muscle-warming benefits.

Cool Reversible Skating Pants by Chloe Noel

* Completely reversible-wear them all black, or show off the color band
* Made of 90% polyester-10% spandex
* Heavy weight sanded fabric keeps you comfortable and warm
* Comes in 3 great cuff color combos
* Accentuates the lines of the body for a professional appearance
* Adjust these pants to fit the way you like them-over the skate or not over the skate

Figure Skating Pants For Girls Can Be Fashionable Too

Ice skating fashion for both women and men is an inspiring topic to write about. I sometimes watch young people on You-tube figure skating and become mesmerized by the beauty (and challenges) of the sport. They work hard to make it all look so easy and effortless. Considering the amount of time and practice it takes to become an advanced figure skater, buying a top-quality practice pant in a great style makes a lot of sense.

I love the bright swirls of color and the two-toned effect on black fabric that these pants have. The hard part would be deciding which accent color to choose.