A quality file cabinet caster base can greatly increase the function of your office. File cabinet casters are usually wheels attached to a steel base frame which your filing cabinet then sets on.

Instead of buying entirely new file cabinets on wheels just to improve the mobility of your filing cabinets you can easily pick up one of these excellent file cabinet parts for cheap and move forward with your work.

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Filing Cabinet Casters – How They Work

Caster Base For Filing CabinetsAs opposed to spending the money on filing cabinets on wheels a file cabinet caster base allows an office owner the flexibility to move file cabinets around the office instead of emptying hanging file folders every time a transport is necessary.

Most file cabinets adhere to a standardized size , 2 drawer filing cabinets, 4 drawer filing cabinets, and single drawer file cabinets almost always have a standard footprint and the caster bases are built with these standard dimensions in mind.

One additional reason why it's better to buy a caster base for your filing cabinet is because it is removable and optional for operational function. Just a s a file cabinet locking bar can be removed so to can file cabinet caster wheels. This is not to say that you are going to be removing the base frequently but in the even that your wheels break you simply have to replace the casters rather than replacing the entire file cabinet.

Where To Buy Cabinet Casters

Most metal and wooden filing cabinets and adhere to fairly standard dimensions. Because of this many parts manufactures and accessory retailers stock these types of products. It will be pretty unlikely to find a quality selection of filing cabinet caster models in a store nearby your home or office but online office parts warehouse retailers will typically have a good file cabinet caster base selection for most any normal size.

You may want to search your local community for office supply warehouse stores or office furniture manufacturers but you best bet is to go online to Amazon where many specialty parts manufacturers sell products like this which don't have a huge market in any given region. There are also retailers which maintain their own online retail environment such as Just Filing Cabinets and Cool Casters among many others.

If you have a file cabinet made by a major name brand manufactures such as a Hon filing cabinet or Steelcase file cabinet you may want to check directly with their warehouse as they may have wheeled casters for greater mobility made specifically for your model of cabinet.

Remember most filing cabinets are not on wheels for a reason; a movable file cabinet is going to be less stable. If you plan on moving your file cabinets around very much you may find that placing only your smaller capacity file cabinets on casters is better than your larger capacity cabinets. This is entirely up to you however as you have a better understanding of your needs. File cabinet casters can help a lot in certain situations so the tradeoff may be worth it.