What is the Best Home File Cabinet to Buy?

When it is time to get your files organized, you should carefully consider how you will use your file cabinet and where it will be located before making a final decision on which one to purchase. Here are some things to think about with examples of cabinets that would fit in nicely in each case.

Small Office File Cabinet

If you don’t need too much storage space but want the look and quality of a classic commercial metal file cabinet, consider a shorter model. The benefit of a smaller cabinet is that it is much easier to move around and won’t overtake a room like a large cabinet can. You can also place these cabinets next to each other to create a workspace on top or even add a counter above them.

Metal File Cabinets

Hirsh Industries LLC 22" Deep 2 Drawer Letter File Cabinet in Black
Amazon Price: $182.99 $107.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 15, 2013)

The Hirsh Industries 2 drawer cabinet is a high quality option, with commercial grade steel construction and steel ball bearings that offer very smooth and quiet use of the drawers. At only 34 pounds, it is simple enough to move but has 2 standard drawers that will hold plenty of your letter-sized files. The drawers have built-in grooves to hold files without the need to buy any other parts. This cabinet is 28.4 inches high, comes in either putty or black color, and has a quality key lock.

Commercial Quality Full-Sized Cabinet

For those that need more space than 2 drawers and want the traditional office furniture look, a good 4 drawer metal cabinet is the way to go. With higher drawers you can store more in the same floor space and move some files up to eye level which may be convenient.

4 Drawer File Cabinets

The CommClad metal file cabinet is a great choice to fill this need, with it’s commercial quality metal construction. Like the shorter 2 drawer steel cabinet, it has steel ball bearings so the drawer movement is smooth and built to last. This cabinet also is made to hold letter files and has the grooves built-in to hang them, along with a key lock to keep documents safe. This cabinet is 52 inches high and weighs 40 pounds - not too heavy for so much storage space.

Small Cabinet That Will Fit Anywhere

Some people just need a small space to store files but don’t want the commercial look of metal or they don’t have a home office. Luckily there are small file cabinets that will fit in almost anywhere in the house, and with the natural look of wood, they can blend right in with other furniture.

Wooden File Cabinets

Mission Pasadena Letter File Drawer
Amazon Price: $384.27 $268.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 15, 2013)

The Mission Pasadena is a 1 drawer model that has a warm mission finish on hardwood solids with veneers, and includes hardware with a brushed bronze colored finish which adds even more style. In addition to the standard hanging file drawer, this piece of furniture includes a small utility drawer, perfect for items you want to keep handy near your files. This file is 23.5 inches tall and would work nicely as an end table by a sofa or even a nightstand in a bedroom.

Stately Furniture-Grade File Cabinet

For serious space capacity in an elegant piece of furniture, a tall wooden file cabinet is a great option. You can get the same storage you’d expect from a standard 4 drawer unit without the cold look of metal by choosing a wooden model.

Oak File Cabinets

The Kathy Ireland Huntington Oxford unit has a very warm hand-rubbed burnished oak finish on hardwood solids with veneers that looks like an heirloom piece of furniture. The attractive finish and molding accents make this a great addition to the home. This is a solid piece of furniture at 155 pounds and 55 inches in height.

Low Profile Option That Will Fit in Any Room

For an out-of-the-way location, hallway, or even under a window, a nice stained or black wooden cabinet that looks like a dresser is a great way to get added storage in any room. The Edge Water estate black lateral file cabinet is made from strong laminated engineered wood and would be at home in nearly any room in the home. Both drawers will hold letter or legal files and the full extension drawer glides make operation easy. The best part is the look, and the framed drawer fronts that add style and make it feel as much like an accent table as a file cabinet.

A Cabinet For Every Use

You have plenty of options for storing important documents in your home. Whether you are looking for a commercial-style metal cabinet or a warm wooden piece of furniture that will blend right into the room, there is a cabinet style that will suit your needs and get you organized at the same time.

Furthermore, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the overview article of file cabinets for the home or about any of the specific cabinents mentioned above then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.