Car value depreciation after a car accident is just a fact.

The value of your car just really won't be the same after it has been involved in a crash, no matter how good the auto shop does in repairing it.

Even if your car is brand new or a top of the line model, you will still be hard pressed to sell or trade it under the price that it should have sold before the car crash.

In fact more than 50 percent of all car buyers says they will never buy a car that's been involved in a car accident.

As a result, you come out as the loser in this whole scenario even if the car accident was not your fault.

What you can do about it, though, is file a diminished-value claim against the liable party's insurance company.


Diminished value refers to the automatic reduction in the value of your vehicle after the crash.

Even if the car repair shop says that the car has been repaired in accordance to factory specifications, there is still an inherent value lost just because of the fact that the car has been involved in an accident.

So aside from the repair expenses, you should be able to recover the lost value of your car through a diminished value claim with the insurance company.

Tips in filing Diminished Value Claim

Here are some steps that you can follow if you plan to file a diminished value claim due to car value depreciation:

  1. Have your car repaired with a body shop that is recognized by the insurance company – Leave the insurance information of the liable party with the repair shop and they will coordinate with the insurance company about the cost and the expenses of the repair.
  2. Inform the liable party's insurance provider of your intent to file a diminished value claim – An insurance adjuster then will be sent to check if your car has been properly repaired.
  3. Check the value of your car after an accident – You can do this by bringing the car to several car sales lots and getting a trade-in value of your car
  4. Check value of your car pre accident – You can do this by checking the Kelly Book website for the price of new and used cars.
  5. Give insurance company a copy pre and post accident values – Give both the trade in values and the Kelly Book information as proof of the difference in values before and after the car accident.

Get Help

Car insurance companies do not like paying for diminished value so they will do what they can to prove that no value was lost after the repairs.

A car accident expert, personal injury lawyer should be able to help you prove otherwise.