Every time a person purchases a calender for the mew year, it means the previous tax year has come to an end. The earlier one begins the process of dealing with his or her tax preparation, the easier it will be to accomplish the task of completing the return. The IRS this year has provided advice regarding how to prepare a tax return quicker and easier.

One tip given by the Internal Revenue Service is to create a place in which to keep tax documents. Most employers send out 1099s and W-2s early in the month of January. They typically come through the United States postal system. Everyone in the household should be told the location of the designated place in which such documents are to be stored, ensuring that they will be placed appropriately regardless of who takes in the mail. Canceled checks and receipts should be kept in their own filing areas, as well as papers that support deductions one is planning to claim. This system should be kept in place all year long. Some people save records from previous years, as this can be helpful with regard to reminding her what was helpful during prior tax seasons and in case of an audit.

There are many tools available to assist people with the filing of their taxes, and the government encourages citizens to make use of these tools. There are helpful websites where one can visit to learn about the various online forms, such as www.irs.gov. It is essential for one to be familiar with the Internal Revenue's Publication 17, as this is the publication you can read in order to find out if your 2010 tax return is being completed properly.

Trying to complete one's tax return paperwork too quickly can result in time consuming errors. You should instead try to start early in the year and complete the process a little at a time.

There is also help available for those who feel they do not want to tackle this project alone. You can call toll free at 800-829-1040 for further assistance.