How do you file for Social Security Disability benefits? How do you know if you'll even qualify? Here are some steps to make it a bit easier.

Before you file for Social Security disability, you should log on to, or you can call (800) 772-1213 and make sure you qualify. There are different "levels", but they have roughly similar qualifications. This will get you on the right track, so you can file for social security disability and get the benefits you need.

In order to file for Social Security Disability, generally you must not be working. It is possible to collect Social Security Disability if you are, but it's not very likely. Generally speaking, working will decrease your odds of getting the benefits. This doesn't mean you should quit your job though.

Your condition must be "severe". In other words, it must interfere with basic work activities. If your condition is not deemed severe, you will not be able to file for social security disability. You will find many example of disorders, diseases and conditions that are considered severe on the website listed above.

Social Security Disability will try to determine if you can do the work you did previously, or some other type of work when you file. Not being able to perform your current job may not be enough to qualify.

Be prepared for a long wait if you file for Social Security Disability. Many people severely disabled wait for up to 1 year to get approved. It has been said that they deny virtually every claim the first time it is filed. There is an appeal process that you can follow, and you should plan on it going to that point.

There will be several forms for a doctor to fill out before you can collect any Social Security Disability benefits. It is entirely possible for medical professionals to feel you cannot work, yet get denied your social security disability benefits.

You will typically meet with a local Social Security Disability Coordinator when you attempt to file. They will review your case. They should be available for you to contact with questions about your potential benefits. Be prepared for a long wait. Many people hire a Social Security Disability attorney to speed up the process, and improve the odds of receiving benefits.

If you are in dire need, consider hiring a Social Security Attorney. There are several that specialize in Social Security Disability claims. This can speed the process up, who can go a year without an income? In addition, this service will greatly increase your chances of getting the Social Security Disability benefits you file for.