FilipinaHeart is a dating service that allows Western men to contact Filipina Singles for romance and marriage. FilipinaHeart is also known as Fipinina Cupid. The site is operated by Cupid Media, an Australian based corporation with a number of Asian dating sites.

Filipina Dating 101

FilipinaHeart is a dating site that caters for different audiences. As well as finding marriage partners, it's also a place to find Philippines pen pals, language study partners and friends. It's also increasingly popular for Filipinos to find marriage partners in their own country. But the most popular use of the site is for Western men from the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries to find Filipino mail order brides.

Why are Filipina women so popular as brides for Western men? Well living in the Philippines is hard for most people, so it's not surprising that so many Filipinas dream of a finding a Western man on a white horse to give them the lifestyle they can only dream of. Filipinas have a huge advantage over their Thai or Chinese sisters - they generally have a much better command of English. This makes it much easier for them to sign up themselves to sites like FilipinaHeart and look for that knight in shining armor.

Filipina women are a lot of fun, and it's a pleasure to chat to them on FilipinaHeart. They are a lot more straight talking than the Chinese ladies you can meet on sites like Chinese Love Links. Filipinas are also much more open to the prospect of living overseas. Approximately 10% of Filipino people work overseas. Contrast this with Chinese ladies on Chinese Love Links who have not usually left China. Consequently they can have completely unrealistic ideas of what it's like to actually marry a Western man and live thousand of miles away from home.

Once you've chatted to some girls on Filipina Heart and have drawn up a list of your favorite ladies, it's relatively easy to visit them. There are regular connecting flights to Cebu and Manila from Hong Kong. Many Filipina Heat ladies also come from Davao City on the island on Mindano, but take more care if you plan to visit this city and read your government's travel advice for the region.

FilipinaHeart Reviews

When looking for reviews of FilipinaHeart, be aware that there are many fake review sites out there. Many reviewers haven't even signed up and used FilipinaHeart. It's better to trust the comments made by regular posters to forums relating to foreign brides.

In general FilipinaHeart has a fairly good reputation as far as the site itself goes. The site is easy to use, and has some excellent facilities for drawing up the shortlist of Filipina women you're interested in.

One particularly good aspect of FilipinaHeart is that it is an affordable Asian dating site and it won't rip you off like other sites. There is a fixed monthly fee and you can chat to as many Filipinas as you like for that fee. Pay for an annual membership and you'll make a significant saving compared to paying monthly. At this point I'll say that if you can afford the little extra, go for a Platinum rather than a Gold membership. This will list your profile ahead of the Gold members, and you'll get even more interest on the site. I had to hide my profile I was getting so much attention!

FilipinaHeart has a bit of a reputation for being full of scammers. But most dating sites have problems with scammers, and it is crucial that you learn to spot the scammers yourself. While on FilipinaHeart, remember not to get too carried away and promise to visit every girl you chat to. Take time to talk to a number of ladies, as it does take time to find the right girl for you.

FilipinaHeart Scams and Scammers

One problem you need to be aware of when you use a site like FilipinaHeart is to be aware of the problem with scammers. Actually, you need to be aware that scammers operate on most, if not all dating sites. So just be a bit streetwise, whichever site you're using.

You should always take care when talking to Filipino girls on FilipinaHeart. Since Filipinas can sign up to the site free of charge, and there aren't many identity checks going on, the scammers can simply sign up faster than they can be removed from the site. Many dating sites have a poor reputation when it comes to removing scammers. The problem is that scammers aren't usually identified as scammers until somebody has been scammed. So make sure the scammer's first victim isn't you!

Fortunately FilipinaHeart scam ladies are fairly easy to identify. Here's a checklist for identifying possible FilipinaHeart scammers:

  • Girl contacts you first.
  • Girl is below the age of 26.
  • Girl is more than 15 years younger than you.
  • Girl mentions how life is hard in the Philippines.
  • She mentions how handsome you are and professes her love for you in the first email.
  • Girl doesn't have a career listed in her profile - she may be unemployed, or have a home business or be self employed.
  • She logs into her computer at odd hours of the day.
  • She wants to chat on email rather than through the site.
  • Her profile is hidden or she hasn't uploaded any photos of herself.
  • She asks you for money!

Obviously these aren't all clear cut, but if you can tick "yes" for most of them then you're probably talking to a scammer. At the end of the day, the majority of Filipina scammers aren't that bright, and scams are pretty easy to spot. But love makes us blind in these circumstances, and before you know it you've sent some girl your life savings via Western Union.

It must also be said that scams work both ways. Filipinas have to put up with a lot of creeps, perverts, already married men and men who have no intention of ever visiting the Philippines. So if you're looking for a wife or girlfriend on FilipinaHeart then be polite and well behaved, and you'll soon stand out from the many weirdos on there.

Finally, remember that life in the Philippines is tough for the majority of the population. Salaries are low, the cities are dangerously overcrowded and if you don't work you don't eat. Simple as that. There's no social security safety net like there is in the pampered West. So if a girl has to make a living from scamming Western men, then they only have themselves to blame. Don't send money and you don't become a part of the problem. Simple as that. For this reason DateInAsia will actually ban male members who send their Asian women members money.

So if you're interested in finding a Filipina wife or girlfriend then sign up to FilipinaHeart and see if you like what you see. You can sign up free of charge and browse the Filipina personals on the site. Take out a membership plan and you can chat to as many beautiful Filipinas as you can handle!