Willie and the kid



Many very funny moments

The main character Willie is sad, funny and so much more.

Perfect casting


None really for me.

The ending was a little schmaltzy for me but was fitting.

Full Review

Bad Santa was one of those films that I had intended to watch but somehow never quite managed to. So, when a relative said they were about to watch this film on TV, I thought I would give it a whirl. Not totally sure what to expect it was one of those films that matured as it went along. The comedy just went up a notch all the time, so that the film finished on a high. Sure, the end was a little smaltzy, in some ways, but hey it is a Christmas film, well at least in a way.

Bad Santa

The film follows one of the many helpers, that Santa uses, to meet the children who visit stores at Christmas time. This Santa though is a little unusual. He is accompanied by a small, black guy, Marcus, who plays one of Santa's Elfs. This man is very tiny, in fact he is a dwarf. However, it would seem that he is the brains behind this store Santa.

Each Christmas the two men single out a store to work at and, on Christmas Eve as the store closes, they rob the store. They take off to the sun for the summer and join up again each Christmas.

Usually store Santa's are friendly and jolly but this bad Santa, swears, is often drunk, has sex with women in the store's changing rooms, has a drink problem, pees himself, is rude and is generally offensive. To make matters worse, his behaviour is deteriorating all the time.

Is there any hope for this Santa? With romance on the horizon and a rather cute, tubby, bullied boy following this Santa around, perhaps there is.

The Cast includes-

Billy Bob Thornton..........Willie/Bad Santa

Lauren Graham..............Sue

Tony Cox........................Marcus

Brett Kelly......................The boy

John Ritter......................Bob Chipeska

Bernie Mac.......................Gin

Bad Santa was released in 2003, it was directed by Terry Zwigoff, produced by Joel and Ethan Coen and is not rated. The film is advertised as for adult viewing only. The running time is 91 minutes.

In Closing

My thoughts

I have to say that I loved this film. It has so many laugh out loud moments. The boy is perfect with his steely eyed staring at Santa and child like innocence. Thornton plays the alcoholic Wiillie, Santa, to perfection. His sardonic expression, dry wit and more fit Willie so well.

Bad Santa will not suit everyone. Although it is not excessively rude and violent, Bad Santa is not children's entertainment. Some would say that it is not really a Christmas Film. I, however, would disagree with that.

In the end Bad Santa is about caring enough to help a lost soul. Willie comes good in the end and tries to ensure that the kid finally gets at least some sort of Christmas present. Despite the nature of this film there is a feel good factor hidden under the black comedy.