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The Carry On comedy films were made years ago. There is a whole series of films about a multitude of subjects. Each film tends to include some or all of a core set of actors.

The Carry On humour is so very British

Carry on Constable is one of those films that is from the early ones in the Carry On series. It is filmed in black and white, which means it is relatively easy to guess, roughly, when it was filmed and released. Carry On Constable is actually the fourth in the series and was filmed in 1959 and released to cinema audiences around 1960.

The plot is thin, as always.

Members of the police force, who all work at a particular police station are dropping like flies with the flu. The Inspector at this station has it in for his Sergeant, played by Sid James. With all the sickness absences, raw recruits are drafted in to save the day.

However, when these recruits consist of Leslie Thomas, Kenneth Williams and Kenneth Connor, you just know that disaster is looming on the horizon. It looks as if Sergeant Wilkins will be out on his ear unless these new recruits all pull their socks up and make the grade.

From the regular Carry On cast there is also Hattie Jacques as the female police sergeant, Charles Hawtrey as a bumbling special constable and Joan Sims, who arrives a little later, as the female police replacement.

With this motley crew the criminals have a field day.

Although I have seen this film many times it still manages to raise a giggle or two. Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey, disguised as women, in order to trap store thieves, still is very funny. All the characters have there own little peculiarities, such as Kenneth Connor's obsession with fortune and luck, and Kenneth Williams thinking that he can spot a rogue a mile away, whereas the truth is he cannot spot one who is actually nicking his trouser belt. Leslie Phillips was a little old, even then, for being the romantic element but with his suave manner and voice, that is just who he portrayed.

This film will definitely appeal to Carry On fans.

It is from the period when these films were at their best. Sergeant Wilkins was actually Sid James's first role in the Carry On films and, yet, I always think of him as being there from the very start.

This film should appeal to children also with some of it's more silly moments. In general, I guess it could appeal to young or old alike depending on your humour. As always with Carry On films there is a little naughtiness in this film but it is all quite innocent.

The double entendres are fewer and further between than normal. The humour is more like pantomime or farce. It is all very harmless, a little silly in parts but good clean fun, as they say. Well, apart from a slight glimpse of a couple of naked men's bottoms, which are nothing compared to today's offerings.

The DVD can be picked up quite cheaply at Amazon and the like.

The DVD is widescreen
The Running Time is a brief 83 minutes
The full cast is:-
Sid James as Sergeant Frank Wilkins
Kenneth Connor as P.C. Charlie Constable(in other words Constable Constable)
Charles Hawtrey as P.C. Timothy Gorse
Kenneth Williams as P.C. Stanley Benson
Leslie Phillips as P.C. Tom Potter
Joan Sims as Woman P.C. Gloria Passworthy
Hattie Jacques as Sergeant Laura Moon
Eric Barker as Inspector Mills
Joan Hickson as Mrs. May (much later Joan Hickson played a pretty good Miss Marple in the Agatha Christie television series)
Shirley Eaton played a minor role and appeared in a few other Carry On films also.
Esma Canon a very tiny but funny lady appeared in Carry On Constable and a few others from the series.
Irene Handl, another funny lady also had a role.
Among the extras there is Freddie Mills, the ex boxer, playing a Jewl Thief.

The Director was Gerald Thomas
The Producer was Peter Rogers
Genre: Comedy
Rated as U for universal
Produced in 1959

In Closing

In order to enjoy and appreciate the Carry On films you must accept them for what they are.

They are low budget, comedy films that were never designed to be taken seriously.