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Anyone who has ever read any of my work will no doubt have realised that I am passionate about animal welfare and in particular dogs. I start this review saying this as you may then assume that is why I loved the film. However, even those of you have no particular liking for animals or dogs should find this film entertaining.

This family has eye candy, for both the girls and the boys. Released in 2008 this film features Jennifer Aniston as Jennifer Grogan and Owen Wilson as John Grogan.

The film starts in the early days of John and Jennifer's relationship and married life. John is not sure that he is ready to start a family yet, and so a puppy, Marley, joins the Grogan household. The Grogans should have sensed something was wrong when the dog was sold to them much more cheaply than its siblings. As the puppy from Hell, Marley supplies plenty of humour for the viewer, and all too many problems for the Grogans.

The gangly puppy grows into a fairly large dog. The Grogans should have known this would happen as the dog is a golden labrador. However, along the way normally dogs settle down a little, but not Marley.

The dog becomes strong and powerful but remains as naughty as a puppy. Castration does not stop him, except for curbing his desire to attempt to mount anyone or anything within easy reach. He remains boisterous, naughty and a handful. As most dog owners will have done, at sometime or another, when they own a troublesome dog, the couple decide Marley has to go. They soon renege on this though.

Gradually the Grogans family begins. and faithful Marley is there for everybody. Until of course one day Marley can no longer go on. If you have ever had to euthanize a pet dog, this scene will be hard. I just let the tears flow and thought of our current dogs and those no longer with me.

This film is based on a book

This movie offers a great cast, a heartwarming tale, with plenty of laughter and sadness, and is great entertainment. Kathleen Turner plays a small part as a dog trainer but she is wonderful. She seems happy as the butt of the joke.

One thing this film re-enforces is just how valuable role a pet dog can play in a family's life. Marley is too lively, troublesome at times, destructive and just plain naughty but he is warm, faithful, a great companion and a true family member.

In Closing

This film is rated as PG for the odd adult moment. It runs for about 120 minutes and is available on DVD and Blue Ray.

It is great all round, family entertainment which, to my mind, is destined to become a classic.

Recommended 10/10