The Incredible Hulk DVD



Great special effects

Good cast and characters



Silly plot but you need to watch the film for what it is.

Full Review

The Incredible Hulk has never been my sort of viewing experience.

Still, after we saw a couple of clips showing the modern graphics in the lates Hulk movie, at a cinema outing, I thought that the film may have something to offer. Whether it is my advancing years and a return to childhood, or what I do not know, but suffice to say I saw The Incredible Hulk a while ago and I loved it.

Hulk Background

I believe The Incredible Hulk started life as a character and story line in Marvel comics.

In the 1960's a television series was made which was fairly popular. The story centred around Bruce Banner, a scientist who ends up damaged by one of his experiments. Dr Banner's blood becomes contaminated with Gamma Rays and thereafter, when this normally calm man becomes angry, strange things happen to him.

This change means that Dr Banner, temporarily, becomes enormous, turns a pukey shade of green and generally runs amok.

A film was made back in the sixties, and one more recently, neither of which I have seen. So for me watching the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk, or Hulk 2 as it may be called, was with just vague memories of my childhood viewing.

The Incredible Hulk 2008

In the 1960's, American, television series of the Hulk, Bruce Banner was played by Bill Bixby and the Hulk was played by Lou Ferrigno. Both of these actors played minor roles in the 2008 Hulk film and Ferrigno was the voice of the Hulk.

These days though, the Hulk that Dr Banner changes into, is not played by an actor but is made up of CGI, computer graphics, and what a difference this makes.

This film starts in Brazil where Bruce Banner has been in hiding and it has been 158 days without an incident, that is Bruce changing into the big green man. He has been liaising, over the Internet, with another scientist in the hope of finding a cure for his peculiar ailment.

Even the musical score is dramatic and adds to the tension from the start.

At the very start of the film there is a little recap, which for me was good, as I guess some of the additional characters were established in the previous film. However, even without viewing the previous film The Incredible Hulk was easy enough to pick up. There is the typical love interest, that seems to always appear in 'Monster' movies, and this character is played sweetly by Liv Tyler.

Of course, there has to be a baddie and this baddie is played by Tim Roth. Isn't it strange how American films always have British nasties? This nasty ends up a monster of a character himself and the ensuing battle is edge of the seat stuff.

The other rogue character is Betty Ross's, Liv Tyler's, father played by William Hurt. He is obsessed with finding Banner and harnessing his Gamma power but certainly not for the good of all.

In Closing


What I liked about this film was that it was exciting from the first minute.

It did seem to wilt a little in the middle but then rose to the final battle, with all of the necessary thrills and spills.

Edward Norton who plays Banner reminded me, in a way, of the original hulk, Bill Bixby, and I thought that he fitted the character well.

Sure ,on the whole the entire film was just stuff and nonsense, fantasy and at some levels drivel. However it is powerful stuff. Perhaps it is this second childhood that I am in, or maybe I never left the first.

Still what I mean is, that it was like a grown up Saturday Morning Movie, film adventure but in a totally different way. I know kids today are blasé but all I can say is, aren't they lucky to have such exciting, adventure, monster movies.

There were a few funny moments and despite the plot being a little sparse there was enough to offer some tension.

The Incredible Hulk came out on DVD last year, 2008, but as usual we only watched the film. I imagine though that there will be some mighty impressive extras with such a film. It is 112 minutes long and seems to be rated either a 12+ or a PG.

So, The Incredible Hulk is recommended as pure stuff and nonsense, that is exceptionally exciting viewing. Enjoy.