Good Plot

Good Cast


Tense at times


Not a patch on the original film

Full Review

I am not really a lover of Horror films, as I am such a squeamish baby. However, the original Omen, released in 1976, was one of that horror genre of films which I quite enjoyed. It has plenty of suspense and the violence is not all that bloody, brutal stuff. that horror films today are made off. With an all star cast the film certainly was a success and it definitely left its mark.

Sitting down to watch The Omen, 2006 version, recently, I wondered if this remake would live up to the original. I have to say for me the answer was no, it did not.

For those who have never seen the original film, I guess The Omen 2006 would be a passable film. The cast contains a few well known faces, such as Pete Postlethwaite, Mia Farrow, David Thewlis and Michael Gambon, and in general the acting was pretty good.

In fact many of the main characters are played by people who look very similar to the original cast. However, this film just failed to have the intensity of the original Omen.

The plot was faithful to the original film but somehow the suspense was lacking. I am sure that was not because I had seen the original but just a combination of some factors. The musical score of the original, which is taken from a well known classical work, just seemed so atmospheric and fitted the happenings so well. The Omen 2006 just had what sounded very ordinary music to accompany the action. The Omen 2006 was also filmed differently and although I suppose this was designed to make the film more atmospheric it did not succeed.

The plot in brief

For anyone who knows nothing of The Omen here is a little of the plot. As they say in quiz shows on television 'Look away now if you do not want to know the answer'.

American Ambassador Thorne and his wife are saddened at the death of their new born infant. This was to have been their first child. With only a little persuasion, Mr Thorne agrees to adopt an orphan baby. However, he does not share any of this information with his wife, who believes that the orphan, Damien, is her own child.

It soon becomes apparent that Damien is a special little boy and that there is a sinister side to him. A series of deaths happen to various people associated with Damien and eventually his adoptive parents question their adoption. Is Damien really the son of the devil? Is he pure evil? Will he kill all who stand in his way? If so to what ends.

The original Omen had sequels which answered some of the questions left unanswered by the first film. I suppose that the Omen 2006 will have sequels also.

The child actors who play Damien, in The Omen 2006, at different ages had all the innocence hiding evil which the original Damien managed to portray.

However, I guess part of the problem is that this remake is fairly faithful to the original. As such it all seemed a little pointless.

In Closing

The Omen 1976 has not dated at all and is far superior to this later version of the Omen. This means that, if you want to watch the definitive Omen, you need to watch the 1976 version. Do not get me wrong this film was OK but, as there is a better original on the market, why go for sloppy seconds.