The Spioderwick Chronicles



Family entertainment

Good cast

Great story line

Excellent special effects


Perhaps too scary for young children

Full Review

Do you still believe in fairies?

Well whether you do, or do not, I would think that you might enjoy watching the shenanigans of these little creatures in the Spiderwick Chronicles.

This film is rated in the UK as a PG, for parental guidance and it is really a children's film. However, I imagine that it will appeal to a wide age range of viewer. In fact, if I was still a child, a proper one I mean, I think that this film would be a little too frightening for me.

However, with children these days being made of hardier stuff, I think that the Spiderwick Chronicles is good all round family entertainment, though possibly not a film for the very young.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

The story centres around the Grace family who, as their father has recently moved out of the family home, have to move to somewhere that they can afford to live. The Mum and three children move into an old mansion house in the country, which used to belong to distant relatives, a great uncle and aunt.

Within a short space of time strange things begin to happen in this old house and it becomes evident that something else is living with these people. Is it a person? No. Suffice to say there are peculiar creatures inhabiting the house and it's grounds.

As the tale unfolds, as to what happened to Arthur Spiderwick and his family, 80 years earlier, the Grace family become involved in a fantastical world of fairies, goblins and a terrible ogre.

The cast includes:-

Freddie Highmore
Mary-Louise Parker
Nick Nolte
Sarah Bolger
Andrew McCarthy
Joan Plowright
David Strathairn

The Spiderwick Chronicles was released on DVD in 2008.

It is PG rated due to it's fantasy themes, creature violence and sense of peril.

The DVD's extras include:-
Special features.
Scene selection.

There are four special features:

One of the special features, Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide, has all of the magical creatures identified. These can then be seen in the film.

Spiderwick: It's all true, explains how all of the story is true. I certainly hope its not!

It's a Spiderwick World. More comparison to the real Spiderwick

Field Guide in Movie Mode. If you watch the film in this mode you can have a guide and can be interactive as you view.

In Closing


I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I understand that it is adapted from a book of the same name. Now I have never read the book, and so I suppose that for avid reader fans, this film may disappoint.

For me, I liked the slightly quirky story. The actors, especially the children, all played their roles well. The fantasy creatures were as is expected these days, with all the benefits of CGI, computer graphics, and advanced special effects.

The goblins were sufficiently scary to even make me wince a little. The fairies were portrayed excellently. Although this film is about defeating the ogre, on a basic level, it is also about children's relationships with their family, especially their father. There was the odd funny moment, even some laugh out loud ones.

As a Harry Potter fan I thought that there was the odd, small, similarity with this film and the Harry Potter tale, such as the flying Griffin. I watched this film knowing nothing of it s background or its written version, and maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much.

So if you enjoy children's films and like the fantasy type of movie then this film could be for you. I could easily watch it again, and probably will.