This film did not get great plaudits except for the fact that James Gandolfini played one of his final roles here before he passed away unexpectedly. He made one additional movie before his death, called “The Drop,” which was released in 2014. He is a lovable man, and I wanted to visit his work one more time.

                                                           Julia Louis-DreyfusCredit: Google                              

                                                                     Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The viewer is introduced to Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), a divorcee who works as a masseuse, and whose only daughter is getting ready to go off to college. She is in attendance at a party where Albert (James Gandolfini) is introduced to her. Albert is also divorced and has a daughter going off to college. Eva also meets Marianne at the same party, and Marianne signs up with Eva for a series of massages, which Eva performs at the client’s home.

Eva had declared at the party that there was no man there to whom she was attracted. Her statement was passed on to Albert, who told her that he did not see anyone to whom he was attracted either. This avowal bonded them somehow. They agreed to see each other again. In Albert’s favor, he did not speak badly about his wife. It seems that his ex-wife was the one who could not tolerate her partner’s quirks and bad habits.

Eva and Albert are both having anxieties about their daughters’ leaving home to attend college. Their concerns bring them together in a common understanding. Eva tends to ignore the fact that Albert is overweight, is somewhat of a slob, and has strange eating and living habits. They are definitely fond of each other.

              Enough SaidCredit: Google                                 

                                                                           Enough Said

When Eva visited Marianne for her massages, they found common ground because they were both divorced. They soon became friends who got together outside of their regular massage appointments. Soon, Marianne revealed many personal details about her relationship with her ex-husband, and Eva listened with a willing ear. It wasn’t until Marianne disclosed that her ex always separated the onion out of the guacamole dip that Eva realized that Marianne was speaking about Albert. The sub-plot is enhanced when Eva meets Albert’s daughter at a pre-arranged luncheon. This forced her into an abrupt leave-taking when Marianne’s daughter arrived home during a massage appointment.

An additional sub-plot is revealed when a young girlfriend of Eva’s daughter finds solace at Eva’s house when her own home situation is not good. Eva’s kindness to the girl hurts her own daughter who feels displaced.

But, what can Eva do when she realizes that she will also hurt two other friends when it comes to light that she is dating Marianne’s ex? It is possible that all three of them will be hurt by the ruse.

Of course, Eva is found out. Everyone’s face is red; everyone is hurt. We have to ask ourselves “What would I do in a similar circumstance?” The viewer feels the most pity for Albert, who is the unknowing, innocent party in this threesome. He is the most hurt also.

Can life ever be the same after such a shameful incident? Probably not.

                                                James GandolfiniCredit: Google           

                                                                       James Gandolfini

It is difficult to believe that James Gandolfini died not long after he starred in “Enough Said.” Julia Louis-Dreyfus, from all reports, took it very hard. It is difficult to separate Julia from her role as Elaine on the Seinfeld series. She did manage, though, to breathe life into her character Eva, allowing the viewer to empathize with the gullible, naïve Eva.

Enough Said
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An unlikely pair find they have much in common.