Filson bags are elegant pieces of travel luggage made from highly durable twill, leather and sturdy metal buckles. Made to be both beautiful and enduring, these are premium traval bags made from the finest parafin wax treated 3 ply by 3 ply cotton. The leather straps on Filson bags are all cowhide that has been colored and protectively treated with vegetable oil. These parafin and vegetable oil treatments give these fashionable men's travel bags a powerful water-repelling layer. One of the most handsome kinds of Filson bags is the men's small carry-on bag. 

Filson Small Carry On Bag For Sale

This particular Filson carry-on bag is easy to transport yet roomy enough to carry a weekend's worth of clothing and supplies. The wide and chunky zippers are made of brass for long-term durability and style. Featuring two front flap-closed pockets, this is the perfect getaway bag. You can keep passports and maps in the front while keeping your change of clothes clean and dry inside the main compartment thanks to this Filson carry-on bag's water-repellant wax-treated twill exterior. 

Open View of a Filson Carry On Bag

As you can see by this open-flap image of the Filson carry-on bag, you can easily fit a large laptop plus all necessary accessories and still have room for incidentals, toiletries and extra clothing. This makes the Filson carry-on bag an excellent choice for your daily business bag that you take with you to and from work, or your go-to travel luggage. 

Back View of The Filson Bag

This back-view shot of the luggage shows where the brass buckles attach to the shoulder straps. Notice the heavy-duty stitching that holds the leather brackets against the waxed twill body of the bag. Filson prides itself in making extremely durable luggage that can stand the test of time and weather many repeat journeys. 

A Model Shows Off the Filson Carry On Bag

Here you can see a young man with the luggage slung over his shoulder to give you a good sense of the size of this bag. The bag measures 5 x 5 x 11 inches and is quite compact. It weighs four and  a half pounds on its own before you put anything in it, so it's ruggedness does not come at the price of portability. This Filson ruck-sack and laptop bag is a durable, straight-forward and stylish piece of luggage that passes all the tests for being carried on to major airlines. Once you experience the comfort and ruggedness of this men's bag, you'll find it hard to put down!

In terms of style, Filson bags reach back to an era when men and women of adventure traveled on pontoon-based airplanes into distant exotic ports and stuffed full-color maps into their front luggage pockets in between adventures. This kind of stylish men's luggage can blend easily well with tweed suits and business attire. It is one of those rare pieces of equipment that will actually gain character and look more handsome with time and use as it breaks in. Since Filson bags are made from such high quality materials, they age very well and retain their original charm even years into their life.